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tree_imgThe DiSabatino Tree Care Team understands the importance of maintaining the health of your trees and shrubbery. Our ISA certified arborist is highly skilled in the latest arboricultural techniques for trimming, pruning and fertilizing trees. We appreciate the value and beauty of trees while understanding when certain trees need to be removed for safety reasons.

Our teams provides a number of services for the finest in tree care:

Tree Removal Stump Grinding
Structural Pruning Cabling
Expert Storm Damage Care Root Collar Health
Tree Risk Evaluation Consulting Services

Why Hire An Arborist?

An arborist is a specialist in the care of individual trees. Arborists are knowledgeable about the needs of trees and are trained and equipped to provide proper care. Hiring an arborist is a decision that should not be taken lightly. Proper tree care is an investment that can lead to substantial returns. Well-cared-for trees are attractive and can add considerable value to your property. Poorly maintained trees can be a significant liability. Pruning or removing trees, especially large trees, can be dangerous work. Tree work should be done only by those trained and equipped to work safely in trees. Check for ISA arborist certification. Certified Arborists are experienced professionals who have passed an extensive examination covering all aspects of tree care. Certified Arborists must also continue their education to maintain their certification. Therefore, they are more likely to be up to date on the latest techniques in arboriculture.

Making Safety a Priority

work_aheadTree work is one of the top three most dangerous industries. Last year, there were more than 60 fatalities for every 100,000 workers; three times higher than the fatality rate for police officers and fire fighters.

Tree related accidents can be avoided if properly trained and experienced individuals follow appropriate safety protocols. DiSabatino Tree Care continuously trains our team members on the newest safety standards available and stays current on all certifications. Our ISA certified arborist is also our certified safety professional, helping ensure an accident-free work zone.

Our safety practices include:

  • TCIA/CTSP certified professionals
  • Conforming to OSHA standards
  • Monthly tailgate safety meetings
  • Training every team member in CPR/First Aid
  • Filling out safety forms at the beginning of each job
  • Regular inspections and replacement of safety equipment
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) work on every job
  • Coordinating with Delmarva Power and PECO when working with live power lines

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