How to Winterize Ponds and Other Water Features

Preparing Your Patio for Window

Preparing Your Patio for Winter


Properly preparing your hard outdoor surfaces serves to protect and extend their life span, saving you money and time. With that in mind, check out our suggested tip on preparing your patio for winter.

5 Tips for Preparing your Patio for Winter:

  1. Sweep and wash off debris and leaves to prevent stains on your patios and walkways (
  2. Fill any gaps in the joints with cement or polysand
  3. Seal all masonry patios, driveways and walkways to prevent the ice and salt from damaging them
  4. Ensure that the edges of your patio are backfilled (no soil erosion) to prevent water from pooling and freezing up to and under the patio causing the stone or pavers to lift
  5. Ensure all gutters and downspouts are clear, properly sealed and directed away from masonry surfaces in order to avoid freeze or chip from the ice

Ultimately, spending the time and effort to keep your patio and other masonry surfaces looking their best will keep you from early replacement and will help to maintain your home’s future resale value.


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How to Winterize Ponds and Other Water Features

How to Winterize Ponds and Other Water Features

Ponds, water fountains, waterfalls and other water features should be properly winterized in order to protect and prevent freezing pipes and cracking foundations during the winter. As a homeowner, you invest a great deal of money on these ambient features. Protect your  and investment by properly winterizing your pond today.

Every homeowner has a unique landscape that requires an individualized approach. Your method will depend on the exact features of your pond or pool. If you have a very intricate pond eco-system, you should consult an expert for specialized winterization methods. Otherwise, the following steps will help ensure your water is property winterized.

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