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How to Handle the Challenges to Your Landscape for Record Cold Winter

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2018 has started off as a blustery cold winter and our friend Phil the groundhog gave us some more bad news when he saw his shadow, declaring six more weeks of winter. Whether you believe in Phil’s skills or not, one thing is for sure: this record cold winter has had a major impact on our area.

How has this affected homeowners?

This year, we heard from many of our clients that their pipes have burst for the first time ever in more than 50 years of living in their homes. Sustained wind chills at below zero temperatures have kept a lot of plumbers busy.

Because temperatures were so low and were accompanied by snow, there were higher than average amounts of rock salt being used. In some cases, it was ineffective because it was so cold.

This is an issue because the salt can be dangerous to driveways, walkways, garages and plants that are in close proximity to the street. Even though our clients may be diligent in using safe concrete and paved surface products, tires and wheel wells can pick up significant amounts of rock salt and brine. The residuals can drop onto the driveway or get tracked into patios and walkways. When the snow melts, the salt gets into soil, seriously hurting plants and trees.

Evergreen plants such as boxwoods, cherry laurels, rhododendrons and others get serious winter burn and browning, causing concerned homeowners. Luckily, in most instances the new growth will emerge in the spring.

In addition, our company’s work schedule has been impacted by weather delays and low temperatures that cause unsafe word conditions. This has resulted in a larger than usual backlog for the spring. Even with this cold weather, a lot of our clients have been planning their outdoor living spaces, pools and landscapes to be ready when the warm temperatures arrive. If you are planning a project this spring, we recommend contacting one of our team members for a consultation to get started soon.

This year is starting off as one of our busiest in over a decade. We are committed to taking care of our clients and continuing our tradition of excellence in customer service and quality installs, but we need your help this year to have us out early enough to take care of your landscape, outdoor living space or pool.

And when spring does come, we’ll all be grateful to hear birds chirping, see plants budding and entertain friends and family outdoors!

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Is Your Landscape Ready for Winter?

The cold season has arrived and winter weather is on the horizon. You’ve spent a lot of money making your landscape beautiful.  Now, be sure to protect that investment by making sure your property is ready for winter.

Is Your Landscape Ready for Winter?

The cold temperatures, drying winds and snow cover of winter can all cause all kinds of problems to your landscape. Plants can get windburned or suffer broken branches from heavy snow loads, while patios and driveways may sustain damage from plows or corrosive deicing products. Replacing lost plantings is costly and time-consuming. Save yourself the time and trouble by winterizing your property now.

One of the most crucial steps you can make is to to ensure your plants are well protected from the harsh winter elements. Some trees and shrubs, such as  broadleaf evergreens and arborvitaes, require special attention, while others are naturally equipped to survive harsh elements. It’s important to consult with a  professional to see which plants or trees requires winter help and which ones are fine on their own.

One of our recent articles focused on the importance of using dormant oils and anti-desiccants to protect your woody plants. While this is important, there are a number of other ways you can make sure that your landscape is ready for the frigid months ahead.

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