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Backyard Retreat Lincoln University, PA

A young family in Lincoln University, Pennsylvania wanted a place for friends and family to gather and play games. They enjoyed spending much of their time outdoors. They were also avid golfers.

A boulder wall with natural boulders was built around the patio to create a sloping area for the green. The putting area was surrounded by river rock to help with water drainage.      

The outdoor area already contained a pool, but the clients wanted a space to get a break from the sun. DiSabatino Landscaping and Esposito Masonry built a covered pavilion with an outdoor wood-burning fireplace. The fireplace was made of Pennsylvania farmstone, and custom built to fit the dimensions of the space.

The A-frame of the pavilion was built with wrapped posts and outfitted with recessed lights. It gave the clients welcome relief from the sun after spending most of the day by the pool.

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