Artisan Masonry

Natural stone is versatile, durable, and long-lasting, making it the perfect material to enhance any outdoor living space. Natural stone can be used on small features like walkways and unique fire pits or as your main building material in patios or custom outdoor kitchens. Regardless of how you decide to incorporate natural stone into your design, you can be sure to enjoy it for years to come.

By partnering with DiSabatino Landscaping, Esposito Masonry has become the leader in local masonry experts. The Esposito family, hailing from Italy, has been passing down their masonry skills from generation to generation. Vince Esposito proudly continues his family’s tradition of a master stonemason, providing exceptional custom masonry work and historical restoration. As one of the top masonry companies hiring only the highest skilled team members, we combine generations of craftsmanship with innovative techniques for the best of both worlds. Make your home a work of art by contacting DiSabatino Landscaping today.

“I called the day after the hurricane and left a message. We needed tree removal in order to access our driveway. Within an hour of leaving the message DiSabatino Landscaping returned the call and sent out a crew to open the driveway. We were not expecting to have our call returned on the weekend. This is one of the reasons we are repeat customers!”

~ Donna White, Greenville, DE