Organic Plant Health Care

A large number of landscape shrubs and plants are not native to the areas they are planted, and struggle adapting to their new environment. Newly installed plants have not had the chance to establish a root system and can struggle when competing with the surrounding lawn for necessary nutrients.

This is why tree fertilization as well as fertilizing shrubs is so important. It allows plants to gain the nutrients and moisture needed during dry summer months and colder ground temperatures.

DiSabatino offers a custom fertilization plan for your property’s needs, designed specifically to help your plants flourish and grow. Our organic fertilizer is created from nutrient rich materials such as sea-based kelp and seawater extracts blended with symbiotic organisms, allowing them to promote dynamic root systems capable of withstanding extreme temperatures and stresses.

Benefits of Our Organic Fertilizer

  • Low rates of essential elements will not “push” plants to grow too fast; supports healthy lush growth over time
  • Improve soil quality by feeding the soil as well as the plant – feed the microbes, earthworms, beneficial fungi, etc. and therefore improve the soil and in turn, the plant
  • Won’t leech into near-by waterways or wells like chemical fertilizers because they are less mobile in the soil
  • Made from local sustainable sources
    Safer for your family, pets and the environment

Integrated Pest Management

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an effective and environmentally sensitive approach to landscape pest control and tree disease diagnosis and treatment. IPM programs utilize current, practical and comprehensive information about the life cycles and habits of pests to manage pest damage economically and safely. This minimizes potential hazards with children, pets property and the environment. Our IPM program uses organic pest management solutions, natural pesticides for plants and alternative methods whenever possible to control insects and diseases.

Benefits of IPM:

  • Comprehensive reports showing the results of the inspection and treatments applied
  • Treats problem pests at the right time in the season
  • Organic and environmentally-friendly treatments
  • Biological control using predator insects instead of harsh chemicals

Tree Preservation

Often, homeowners do not realize that when they see decline in the canopy of a tree that the problem is most likely related to root issues. These issues can include compacted soils, low organic composed soils, girdling roots and/or phytophthora root rot diseases. Air spading is a technique used by plant health care specialists as a form of tree health assessment. This process uses compressed air to remove the dirt around a tree’s roots without damaging the tree or the roots themselves. This makes it easier to get to the “root” of the problem and quickly correct any issues that are discovered.

Our Qualifications

  • Our ISA Certified Aborists utilize cutting edge technology for your trees and plants throughout your landscape
  • Expert analysis includes testing through multiple laboratories including university co-op extensions and independent labs to test pathological and physiological conditions, soil analysis and nutrition.
  • Pesticide applicators are licensed in Delaware and Pennsylvania

Certifications include:

  • CTSP (Certified Tree Safety Professional)
  • CTRA (Certified Tree Risk Assessors)
  • ISA Certified Aborists

The crew was great. They were very knowledgeable of the task to be done and performed the task in a safe and efficient manner. What a pleasure to deal with Disab. ALL employees that I spoke with were polite. Needed materials were available for the men to complete their job. When a question arose about the job, Tessa had an answer for me and she communicated with the crew so that we were all on the same page. Thanks to everyone, especially TESSA.

~ Jack Minker, Hockessin, DE