Month: April 2017

DiSabatino Landscaping Transforms an Outdoor Living Space

Now that the mild weather is back in town, Delaware Valley residents are starting to emerge from their homes to enjoy the outdoors. Lawns are starting to green up,  perennials are poking through those freshly mulched beds, shrubs and trees are budding – we are beginning to surmise our outdoor environment.

Many of us wish our backyards were more inviting and conducive to on-the-fly gatherings or family dinners. As we survey the rutted bare spots created by poorly designed outdoor furniture scattered haphazardly on the lawn or ancient patios cracked to pieces, we begin to realize it doesn’t have to be that way.

If you’re looking for ways to create a beautifully hardscaped living space with all the modern conveniences, get in touch with DiSabatino Landscaping, we can make all you outdoor living dreams come true.

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Effects of a Late Freeze on Blooming Shrubs & Trees You Might Not Know

A Warm Winter cuts both ways.  While this past winter was good on our energy bills, it was a bit confusing to dormant trees and shrubs. Washington D.C. saw the earliest bloom ever of its famous cherry blossom trees. It was 10 days ahead of the earliest peak bloom in recorded history: March 15, 1990.

Now that the warm mild winter is behind us, excitement is in the air for the arriving spring season.  Mild winters often trick Cherry trees, bulbs and other plants to bloom early only to be quickly knocked down by March snows and/or ice storms. This can cause damage to many prized evergreens.

The good news is that the brief late freeze we experienced at the opening of spring this year is not likely to kill or cause long-term damage to most of your shrubs and trees, unless they are a variety already prone to freeze damage.

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