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Tips to Get Your Yard Ready this Fall

September is here, bringing with it cooler temperatures, falling leaves and a return to the school routine. It also means a fresh start to the growing season.  

If you’re also considering how early fall affects your landscaping, the following tips will help you make the most of the season:

Repair Bare Spots

Fall’s cooler temperatures help root systems grow faster. Spreading seeding mixtures now will give grass time to spread and grow before winter brings freezing temperatures. You’ll want to overseed thin lawns and patches at least 45 days before frost is predicted. Make sure you water the new seeds every day for at least half an hour.       

Aerate Soil

Compacted soil restricts root growth and keeps oxygen from entering soil. That’s why it’s important to aerate the ground. Create openings in the soil with core aerators or by simply using aeration hand-held tools. The holes allow air, water and nutrients into the soil, while the plugs created will break down on top of the soil.

Summer landscaping - DiSabatino

Now, Feed Your Lawn

You repaired the bare spots and aerated the soil. Now, you should fertilize your grass and shrubs six weeks before frost is expected. Make sure you use a fertilizer high in nitrogen to establish strong roots in time for winter. Fertilizer also increases the energy reserves for plants.

Remove Extra Thatch

There’s a layer of matter that forms between soil and grass. When it’s thin, it greatly benefits lawns. But when it’s more than ½ inch thick, it can keep water and nutrients from reaching the root system, as well as fostering disease. Cut down on this thatch with handheld rakes or an experienced landscaping team using dethatching power equipment. Done correctly, it’s one of the best ways to grow a thick green lawn in the spring.

Clean Up the Leaves

It’s that time of year when leaves are falling! Mats of fallen leaves can suffocate lawns and encourage disease and rot. You can mow and mulch small amounts of leaves, but when large amounts fall, it’s best to rake and bag them. Most townships offer yard clean up days to dispose of big piles of leaves.

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Top Home Design Trends

It can be hard to keep current with trends in home renovation. No sooner have you finally changed everything in your home to gray, then it’s changed to another color. Dark wood, which was extremely popular the past few years, has been overtaken by light oak tones.

Home design is just a recommendation – it doesn’t mean you need to change what you like to keep up with trends. But if you want to know what’s on designer radars, the following tips will help:

Sustainable Design

Eco-friendly, organic and natural elements are increasingly in demand. Major furniture and home decorating companies have even designated sustainable product lines and committed to expanding on more eco options. As more people search for ways to help the environment when buying new furniture, this trend will only continue to grow.

Mixing High and Low Pieces

Luxe couches and discount lamps? A vintage dresser with collectable art? Designers are on board with this trend of pairing expensive and inexpensive items. It gives clients more flexibility with their budget and shows creativity and originality. The days of buying all your furnishings from one store are over. Mixing and matching are in.


If 2022 was the year for the color green, 2023 is chocolate brown. The new variations of warm browns, almonds and beige colors will make you want to reach for a paintbrush. If you don’t want to change everything in your house over, consider using brown as an accent color with pillows, curtains and lamp shades.

Photography for Chris Sabatino July 23 2014

Curved Lines

Boxy, angular furniture is being replaced with curved pieces. Couches, chairs and stools with wavy lines are popping up in design homes and catalogs. This trend doesn’t mean you need to replace every piece of modern furniture you own. One or two pieces will update the look of your home.


Coziness is also in style. Textured fabric, layered fringe and funky trim bring warmth, color and fun to your home. Consider using texture with throw pillows, blankets or baskets. They add instant style and colorful flair. Layered texture also makes the room more welcoming to family and guests.   

If you’re interested in remodeling your home, give DiSabatino Landscaping a call. Our team of professionals are highly skilled in kitchen, bathroom and basement renovations. You can access their portfolio of interior projects here.

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