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Ornamental plants for landscaping.

How to Prep Your Backyard for Winter

Tips to Get Your Yard Healthy

One of the best ways to keep your property looking lush in spring is to make sure it’s protected over the cold winter months. Late fall is the ideal time to start prepping your lawn, trees, and plants.

The following tips will help you keep your landscape healthy:

Beautiful flower garden with blooming seasonal flowers

Boost Your Ecosystem

While you should remove weeds and diseased plants, consider leaving yard debris and dead plant matter on the ground. Dead plant material has nutrients that help support your yard and provide protection from soil runoff. It also helps feed birds and pollinators, which enhances the eco-diversity of your backyard. 

Cut Back Perennials

Flowers that come back year after year need to be trimmed before the winter season. These help them conserve energy and protect their root system. Only certain perennials should be cut, though. Evergreens, ornamental grasses, and a few other plants can be left alone. 

Cover Vulnerable Plants

If you need to protect less hardy plants, you can bring them inside or cover them with burlap. Newly planted trees and shrubs should also be covered. Frost cloths are also available for purchase at a garden store. Annuals are meant to die each year, so you don’t need to cover them.

Mass planting embodies simplicity because it reads as one large element instead of a wide variety of individual plants

Mulch Plants

Mulching adds another layer of protection for trees and plants. Mulching in the fall keeps weeds from sprouting and retains moisture in the roots. Insulating the plants helps them bloom stronger and brighter as soon as spring arrives.

Disconnect Your Garden Hose

Make sure you drain and disconnect all the hoses around your house. If any water inside freezes, it can result in burst or ruined hose lines. Store the empty hoses in a safe, dry place. Sunlight can degrade hoses, resulting in minor holes and tears.

Outdoor Living Space

How to Enjoy Your Outdoor Space In Every Season

Just because the weather is turning cooler, it shouldn’t mean the end of outdoor entertaining. Your backyard can be the perfect spot to extend your home’s living space.

Outdoor living spaces offer areas for relaxing or spending time with friends and family. Patios, pavilions, custom decks, and outdoor kitchens are just some of the ways to create additional areas for hosting friends and family. These structures add both character and charm to your backyard.

Let an expert outdoor living designer show you how to create stylish spaces that will make your home the envy of the neighborhood. Here’s how:

Consider the Layout of Your Property

The location of your structure offers both function and privacy. A pavilion or covered patio provides shelter from rain and other outdoor elements. Built as an extension of your home, covered decks, gazebos or patios provide a peaceful retreat as you look out onto your garden. Take into account the amount of sunlight, orientation, and size of your backyard when planning a new outdoor project.

StruXure pergolas

Custom Features

Experienced outdoor living designers know how to create the ideal outdoor structure to complement the style of your home. There are a host of options available when designing a structure. Many clients choose solid cellular PVC, an advanced material fashioned after natural wood. Other popular materials include natural stone, brick, or concrete.

Planning and Design

Before any work begins, you should choose a professional design firm with a superior reputation.  Design team members should guide you through the process, working with you to build a project that fits your taste and lifestyle. Experienced designers can offer a comprehensive 3D rendering of the project that allows you to visualize the design and modify as needed before beginning any work.

Expert Installation

Even if a design firm is using the highest quality products, the success of your project depends on the degree of experience. Landscape professionals follow proven installation methods and anticipate any potential problems beforehand. This guarantees you will be enjoying your outdoor living space for years to come.

DiSabatino Outdoor Living’s team of landscape and design professionals guide clients through every stage of a project, ensuring client confidence and satisfaction. To view a portfolio of their outdoor living spaces, click here.

Outdoor Fireplaces

Fall is the Perfect Time for Fire Pits

Why You Should Consider Adding a Fire Feature

One of the biggest benefits of adding a fireplace or fire pit to your home is that it extends outdoor entertaining through the fall and winter months. Invite your friends and family over for the night. Nothing beats staring into the flames of a roaring fire, telling ghost stories, and roasting marshmallows.

There are several advantages to building an outdoor space with a fire feature:

Take a Break from Electronics

Fire pits are a great way to allow everyone to cook food together while diverting the kids from their electronics. You can escape the stress of the day and enjoy nature without the distraction of TV, phones, and video games.

Outdoor firepits


There’s no wonder why fire pits are so popular. The endless variety of designs and styles offer a multitude of uses. Some pits include tabletop surrounds, seats, and other extras. They’re a long way from the simple chimneys or steel bowls that used to serve as a backyard blaze.

Making Memories

An outdoor living area offers the opportunity to spend quality time talking and sharing stories with family and friends. There’s something very soothing about gathering around a nocturnal fire as the light fades and the stars appear. Make the investment in your home now and see the benefits it brings to your family.

Planning Ahead

There are several factors involved in finding the right type and style for your family: budget, permanent vs. portable, safety, local regulations, burning permits and type of burning fuel. Make sure you contact a professional to learn more about what kind of fire pit is right for you.

If you’re interested in seeing how fire pits and fireplaces can be incorporated into your outdoor living space, visit DiSabatino Landscaping’s portfolio here.

Outdoor Kitchen

Why You Need an Outdoor Kitchen

Top Reasons to Include an Al Fresco Cooking Area

If you’re looking to add an extra feature to your outdoor living space that will be frequently used and loved, you should consider an open-air kitchen. An extra cooking space offers versatility, flexibility, and additional areas for cooking.

You don’t need a large kitchen to accommodate a full menu. Outdoor pizza ovens, griddle stations, and heavy-duty appliances can do a lot of the work.

Here a few design ideas for outdoor kitchens:

Outdoor Seating

If you have an outdoor space with a covered roof, consider adding accordion windows and a ledge for bar seating. This casual setup allows guests to spend time with the cook while they prepare meals. It also makes serving simple and easy. The windows can be closed in cold or rainy weather.

Pizza Oven

Most people think of grills or griddles in outdoor kitchens, but there are other ways to cook meals. A pizza oven is a fun addition that can cook a wide range of meals you wouldn’t be able to cook on a grill. They delight kids and guests alike.

Outside Pizza Oven
Beautiful backyard at twilight that includes a pizza oven and fire pit.

Heating Elements

Make your outdoor living area cozy year-round with a large fireplace or electronic heaters. They extend outdoor entertaining for months. If you’re having family for the holidays, you can use the outdoor area for hosting parties and events. Outdoor heaters are energy efficient, quiet, and practical workhorses.

Outdoor Lighting


You can instantly enhance a space with ambient LED lighting. It’s the perfect way to increase beauty and usability at night. A well-conceived lighting plan will also highlight a property’s focal points and add new life to your space after dark. Lighting also helps boost security and increases safety around your home.

If you’re looking for design inspiration, visit DiSabatino’s online portfolio of outdoor kitchens here.

Custom Landscaping Design

New Advances in Landscape Design

How the Latest Developments Can Create Big Impacts

Landscape and design has come a long way in the past few years. Enhancements in technology, new environmentally friendly methods and improved installation techniques have helped create outdoor living spaces in areas that weren’t possible in the past.

If you’re looking for ideas for your next home renovation project, DiSabatino Landscaping has rounded up the latest trends:

High-Tech Pergolas and Cabanas

State-of-the-art aluminum pergolas can now be motorized with the ability to open, close, or pivot based on your needs. The pergolas and cabanas may be customized to any shape or style. One well-known brand, StuXure, has an app that allows homeowners to control their pergola or pool cabana from any wireless device. The remote access includes sensors that automatically close the louvers upon detection of rain or high wind conditions.

Custom Pergolas De - Lubin

Strategic Lighting

New LED lighting packages can be programmed from your phone or set up on automatic timers, so you don’t have to think about turning them on or off. They’re dimmable, color-changing and energy efficient. Enhance ambiance, increase security, and prevent accidents with a LED lighting system.

Water Features

Water Features Landscaping Details

Are you looking for an easy and elegant way to upgrade your backyard? Simply add water. An overflowing water jar, waterfall or infinity pool are just some of the ways to add interest to your home. A water feature doesn’t have to be large to make a big impact.

Distinct Outdoor Areas

Many homeowners desire separate areas for dining, entertaining, and relaxing. The separate areas should complement each other but are defined by distinct areas with borders, landscaping, or accent walls. An experienced landscape designer can show you how to take advantage of every area of your property.

Eco-Friendly Outdoors

Conserve water and resources with an automatic sprinkler system. Utilize rain barrels, drought-friendly plantings and native shrubs to help the environment. These changes can also help save money, as they require less electric and water.

If you’re interested in seeing these new styles and trends in person, visit DiSabatino’s outdoor pavilion and showroom. You can choose from a wide variety of materials, lighting styles and outdoor living areas. 

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