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Escape the Heat with Your Own Custom Pool

Summer is almost here. Are you ready?

Experience all the fun you can have outdoors by installing a custom swimming pool. Imagine being able to relax, spend time with your family or invite friends over to enjoy swimming without the hassle of crowds and travel time, not to mention gas.

A custom pool can make it the best summer ever. Before getting started on your pool project, there are several factors to consider:

Your Property

The size and shape of your installation should enhance the design and style of your home. Landscape designers will evaluate the best location to site your pool and recommend custom landscaping to highlight your home. Elevate your yard with hardscaping options, such as curving walkways, stone bench seating and flagstone patios. These items can be both creative as well as practical, offering additional outdoor entertaining space.

Luxury Poolside

Your Entertaining Style

Swimming pools can serve many purposes. Some homeowners desire a fun outdoor entertaining space that may include shallow areas for lounging, relaxing waterfall features or a fun swim up bar. Others may choose to use the pool for personal fitness. Swimming is an excellent low impact exercise that’s ideal for almost anyone. A pool designed for swimming laps or doing water aerobics is a great investment in your personal health.

Custom Accents

Once the swimming pool has been designed, you’re ready to begin planning ways to accentuate your backyard. A spacious deck with comfortable seating and a cozy fire pit beckons everyone outside. Custom gazebos or pergolas offer both shade and privacy. Outdoor structures such as kitchens and fireplaces add another level of entertaining style. Strategically placed paths, fences and LED lighting keep everyone safe while extending your time outside. And thoughtfully selected trees and shrubs make an outdoor project pop with style.

Poolside Accents

The Right Firm

It’s crucial to find a professional landscaping company that will combine artistic vision with superior craftsmanship and installation. The first step is a personal consultation to share your dreams, vision and investment level. From there, a creative designer will create a pool and landscape that is just right for your family and home.


Also, keep in mind that increased needs and supply chain issues have caused a backlog of pool projects. If you want to enjoy your new pool in time for next summer, call DiSabatino today!

Dreamy outdoor living space

Entertain Year Round with a Custom Outdoor Living Space

Begin Planning Now for a Resort Ready Backyard

Experience all the advantages of a private outdoor living space in your own backyard.

Four-season rooms, covered patios and outdoor kitchens extend entertaining while adding areas to work and play. They can be personalized with pergolas, firepits, water features and retaining walls to suit every family’s taste and personality.

Let an expert outdoor living designer show you how to create stylish spaces that will make your home the envy of the neighborhood. Here’s how:

Plan Ahead

Building a custom outdoor structure can seem daunting. “An outdoor living designer should help you gain an understanding of your project with a 3-D rendering,” says Chris DiSabatino, President of DiSabatino Landscaping. This will allow you to envision and revise the project before any work begins.

Outdoor Living Space

Ask Around

Choose a professional design firm with a superior reputation. Ensure the firm has a solid warranty for any problems down the road. “Our family name is our company,” says Chris. “Every team member in uniform represents the values of our firm.” 

Tailor the Project to Your Property

Built as an extension of your home, gazebos and patios provide a peaceful retreat and alfresco office. Tech-enabled outdoor kitchens and grills, bars or built-in television systems extend parties well into the night. Put in a pool to keep everyone entertained or add outdoor lighting for ambiance. The list of options to customize your project is endless.

Expert Installation

Even if a firm is using the highest quality products, the success of your project depends on the level of installation. Experienced professionals follow proven methods and anticipate potential problems. “Our team members guide you through every step of the process, offering exceptional customer service from beginning to end,” says Chris.

Take these steps to plan, design and create a stunning outdoor space you will enjoy for years to come. Chris says, “You’ll never regret investing in a project that enhances your home, increases your property value, and provides endless hours of enjoyment for your family.”

Outside Fireplace - DiSabatino

Designing a Beautiful Outdoor Space

The Benefits of Outdoor Living Areas

Your backyard is the ideal spot to extend your home’s living space. Custom decks, outdoor kitchens, patios and pergolas are just some of the ways to create additional areas for entertaining and spending time outdoors with friends and family. Outdoor structures define spaces and provide open areas for relaxing or spending time with friends and family. These structures add both character and charm to your backyard experience. Let an expert outdoor living designer show you how to create stylish spaces that will make your home the envy of the neighborhood.

Unlimited Options

The location of your structure can provide both function and privacy. A pavilion or covered patio provides shelter from spring rain and protection from the sun. Placed near an in ground pool, swimmers can relax and find shade. Built as an extension of your home, covered porches, gazebos or patios offer a peaceful retreat as you look out onto your garden. Custom decks are great places to relax or entertain. Outdoor kitchens extend parties and provide food for guests well into the night. The list of options to customize your project is endless.

Custom Features

Experienced outdoor living designers understand how to evaluate your property in order to create the ideal outdoor structures. There are a host of options available when designing a structure. Many clients choose solid cellular PVC, an advanced material fashioned after natural wood. It looks exactly like the real thing, but won’t rot, split or warp.

Superior Design

Before any work begins, you should choose a professional design firm with a superior reputation. DiSabatino’s design team members will guide you through the process, working with you to build a project that fits your taste and lifestyle. They will offer a comprehensive 3D rendering of the project that allows you to visualize the design and modify as needed.

Expert Installation

Even if a design firm is using the highest-grade products, the success of your project depends on the techniques used for installation and managing your project from start to finish. Experienced professionals follow proven installation methods and anticipate any potential problems beforehand. This guarantees you will be enjoying your outdoor living space for years to come.

Tips for Preventing Damaging Erosion and Drainage Issues

A Checklist to Protect Your Home

Many first-time homeowners don’t realize how much of an impact sloping, yard runoff and grading concerns can make on their homes. From leaking basements to swarms of mosquitos, poor drainage can cost you thousands of dollars and dozens of headaches. And these problems won’t go away until they’re permanently fixed.

The following are a few ways to spot and address any issues before they become worse:

Assess Any Standing Water After a Heavy Rain

The first step towards fixing a problem is acknowledging you have one. After a day or two of steady rain, is your lawn still wet 24 hours later? Do you have standing puddles of water? Are your plants getting too much moisture? It’s time to address your water runoff.

Plant Ground Cover or Shrubs for Erosion Control

Native plants are one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to reduce erosion in your yard. They help stabilize the soil, slow rainwater runoff and protect topsoil. The roots in native plants and shrubbery protect from erosion and help soak up excess moisture. When planting new grass, sod is also a better choice over seed in poorly drained backyards. Sod has a root system already in place, whereas seed may be washed away by a sloping area.

Build a Retaining Wall

Retaining walls for walk ways A stone retaining wall doesn’t just elevate the look of your yard: It also helps keep soil from washing down steep slopes. These walls help to stabilize topsoil and move water away from your home. In particular, terraced yards may need masonry to address erosion and runoff. Retaining walls can be built from a variety of materials today, including concrete, stone and wood.


Learn How to Spell Swale

While lesser-known, swales are practical and efficient ways to run water away from your home. These “trenches” are dug in such a way that they’re hard to spot but extremely efficient at moving runoff water. Instead of soaking up water, they move it away as soon as rainstorms clear.

Drain, Drain Go Away

French drains can have a dramatic impact on irrigation issues. These shallow trenches contain perforated pipes that are buried underground. The drains help whisk excessive water away from your home. Once the pipe fills with water, it’s redirected to the area you want to channel your runoff. French drains are tricky and should be professionally installed.

Get a Professional Consultation

With that being said, a professional landscaping firm is your best bet for finding the root cause of your drainage issues. Experienced landscape designers and installers will be able to assess your grading, design a custom plan to address it and implement the most efficient ways to control erosion to prevent potential flooding and water damage.

Water drainage projects aren’t always your first priority, but they’re critical to keeping your lawn healthy and your home protected from water damage.







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