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Tips to Get Your Yard Ready this Fall

September is here, bringing with it cooler temperatures, falling leaves and a return to the school routine. It also means a fresh start to the growing season.  

If you’re also considering how early fall affects your landscaping, the following tips will help you make the most of the season:

Repair Bare Spots

Fall’s cooler temperatures help root systems grow faster. Spreading seeding mixtures now will give grass time to spread and grow before winter brings freezing temperatures. You’ll want to overseed thin lawns and patches at least 45 days before frost is predicted. Make sure you water the new seeds every day for at least half an hour.       

Aerate Soil

Compacted soil restricts root growth and keeps oxygen from entering soil. That’s why it’s important to aerate the ground. Create openings in the soil with core aerators or by simply using aeration hand-held tools. The holes allow air, water and nutrients into the soil, while the plugs created will break down on top of the soil.

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Now, Feed Your Lawn

You repaired the bare spots and aerated the soil. Now, you should fertilize your grass and shrubs six weeks before frost is expected. Make sure you use a fertilizer high in nitrogen to establish strong roots in time for winter. Fertilizer also increases the energy reserves for plants.

Remove Extra Thatch

There’s a layer of matter that forms between soil and grass. When it’s thin, it greatly benefits lawns. But when it’s more than ½ inch thick, it can keep water and nutrients from reaching the root system, as well as fostering disease. Cut down on this thatch with handheld rakes or an experienced landscaping team using dethatching power equipment. Done correctly, it’s one of the best ways to grow a thick green lawn in the spring.

Clean Up the Leaves

It’s that time of year when leaves are falling! Mats of fallen leaves can suffocate lawns and encourage disease and rot. You can mow and mulch small amounts of leaves, but when large amounts fall, it’s best to rake and bag them. Most townships offer yard clean up days to dispose of big piles of leaves.

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Tips for Evergreen Care

How to Take Care of Your Trees All Year Long

Evergreen trees and shrubs are a staple in the Northeastern region, where they thrive in every season and continue offering bright green displays when most trees lose their leaves. While they are a hardy plant that thrives in the colder climates, they can be still be damaged due to damage and neglect.

DiSabatino Landscaping collected a few tips to keep your evergreens looking healthy all year round:

Consider Sun Exposure

Evergreen trees and shrubs prefer full exposure in the summer and more shade in the cooler months. You can offer both conditions by planting evergreens on the northern side of your property. Make sure the soil is well graded with drainage. Evergreens also prefer acidic soil.

Protect Your Plants

Winter winds and snow can cause havoc to your trees and shrubs. Before it turns too cold, have them staked and covered with burlap to provide added protection from high winds. Covering them before snow arrives will also offer extra support to the branches, helping prevent breakage.

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Consider Anti-Desiccant Sprays

Done properly, anti-desiccant sprays provide a protective layer on the leaves that reduce transpiration of moisture. It also helps to minimize the effects of pollutants from deicers that encourage desiccation. Fertilizers such as Mycorrhizae, which contain helpful fungus, can help plants thrive.   

Trust Plant Intelligence

Resist the urge to remove snow. Although heavy snow fall and ice can weigh branches down to a point of almost snapping, they will gradually recover as temperatures warm up. It is more likely to cause damage, including breaking off needles and recent growth, if not done correctly.

Prune Seasonally

Prune in early spring before buds begin to form. Evergreen shrubs tend to push new growth when they are pruned too late, leaving tender shoots exposed to drying winter winds. This will cause browning in the spring. You can prune the brown out, however, you would be pruning the season’s new growth.

Landscaping Maintenance

How to Maintain Your Lawn’s Health Year Round

Top Tips for Preserving Your Investment

You’ve finally gotten your yard to where you need it to be. The plants are flourishing, the flowers are blooming and your fledgling trees are finally tall enough for privacy. Now comes the hard part: keeping it that way.

DiSabatino‘s Premier Property Program was created in response to repeated requests from current clients looking for help with upkeep. Our design consultants help protect the beauty and value of your investment with services such as spring and fall clean up visits at the beginning and end of each season and temporary watering schedules for clients on vacation.

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In addition, a professional landscape firm will be able to spot any issues with your lawn and treat it accordingly. A misdiagnosed disease or insect infestation won’t resolve the problem and can even end up affecting the plants and trees you spent so much time and money on. Professional landscapers recognize lawn and shrub issues that are native to the area and know the most effective ways to treat them.

Another benefit of using a property maintenance program? You won’t need to purchase expensive equipment that takes us garage space to treat your property on a seasonal basis.

Caring for your property is a year-round job. Let DiSabatino Landscaping’s Premier Property experts take care of it for you.

5 Tips on Keeping Fresh Landscape Installations Looking Great

5 Tips on Keeping Fresh Landscape Installations Looking Great

Did you have a landscape overhaul last season?

5 Tips on Keeping Fresh Landscape Installations Looking Great Your new landscape may look spectacular for the first year, but it could revert to being lackluster shortly thereafter without pest control, plant feeding, and routine pruning.

A professional landscaping makeover can greatly enhance the value of any home. Keeping a freshly landscaped property well maintained is an art in itself. If you want your landscape to continue to flourish and look nice year after year, you will need to initiate a landscape maintenance plan.

The importance of maintaining your landscape plants and properly feeding, pruning and protected from extreme temperature and pests cannot be overstated. Now that you have invested in creating a beautiful outdoor environment, it is time to protect that investment.

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You’re Going to Be Impressed With This Landscape Transformation!

You’re Going to Be Impressed With This Landscape Transformation With all the time spent during working hours trapped inside at a desk, why would you want to come home and lock yourself inside?

Many of us wish our properties were more inviting and conducive to outdoor relaxation, gatherings or family dinners. A small slab of concrete outside the back door with a grim view of dried up grass is hardly something we look forward to viewing at the end of a hard day.

Why not make an inviting outdoor environment to relax with the family at the end of the day or a great place to entertain on the weekends. Not to mention an invigorating start to the work day as you dine al fresco on some fresh fruit and steaming coffee, while communing with wildlife.

If you’re looking for ways to create a beautifully landscaped and hardscaped space that calls you to the outdoors, get in touch with DiSabatino Landscaping, we can make all you outdoor living dreams come true.

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