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How to Waterproof Your Home

Effective Ways to Protect Your Property Against the Elements

The Brandywine Valley has been experiencing frequent freezing temperatures. During the holidays, many homes had frozen or burst pipes that caused substantial damage. These repairs are costly and complicated. If left untreated, water leaks can cause mold, flooding and even structural damage.

There are four common sources of water leaks: surface water running down foundation walls, groundwater in saturated areas, storm sewer water and sanitary sewer water. To protect your home from these kinds of water leaks, there are a few solutions.

Here are the pros and cons of each:

Interior Waterproofing

Interior waterproofing is the most cost-effective and least disruptive way to waterproof your basement. It involves installing a French drain around the floor with a sump pump to draw water away from your home.

In most situations, you will also need to seal all the water entry points from windows, doors and cracks. Applying sealants will plug the gaps and help lower humidity in the basement due to condensation. While interior basement waterproofing can be effective in most homes, it is not recommended for older houses or homes with severe water leaks.

Guest bedroom basement renovation

Exterior Waterproofing

Substantial water leaks may be a sign of a bigger underlying problem outside your home. In those cases, you need to have professionals seal your home from outside your basement walls. Exterior basement waterproofing requires a tunnel to be dug outside your foundation, where a barrier and sealants are applied to the outside of your walls.

Rain gutters can also be rerouted to draw water away from the home. It is imperative to ensure downspouts are installed efficiently and situated correctly.

Drainage Problems Before
Drainage Problems Before
Drainage Problems After
Drainage Problems After

Drainage Systems

It’s essential to consult with a professional landscaping firm before undergoing any drainage system work. There are a variety of systems to choose from, such as surface, subsurface and slope. These should be utilized according to the grade, soil and size of your lot. If done incorrectly, a drainage system will cause further damage to your landscaping and hardscaping work.

Different types of drainage systems include open drains, levees and grassed waterways. In certain conditions, you can install a swale that draws water away from your home. The swale is extremely effective, quickly moving water away from your home as soon as rainfall hits.

Need help taking these steps to waterproof your home? DiSabatino Landscaping’s outdoor drainage repair experts utilize several instruments and technology to target and resolve drainage issues including properly regrading, while maintaining a proper distance away from the house to avoid damaging the structure and landscape of your home.

Creative Ideas for a Basement Remodel

How to Make the Most of Your Space

A successful basement renovation adds an entire floor of living space to your home, creating areas for working, relaxing, and getting fit. Having a usable basement also offers one of the biggest returns on your investment, with up to a 75% increase in value.

There are several creative ways to remodel your basement. Depending on the size and layout, you can create different areas to offer additional living and entertaining space. These include:

Home Office

More people are working from home than ever before. If you need a quieter area for conference and zoom calls, consider a basement office. You can tailor the room to any size and easily move around your desk seating. A private home office in the lower level allows you to have a peaceful retreat just steps away.

Home Gym

The recent pandemic taught us that home fitness is essential to many. Sales of workout gear and equipment skyrocketed in 2020, and the trend isn’t going away. There are a host of ways to get fit at home, from bikes to rowers and even guided gym mirrors. Create a close, consistent, and clean area to workout with your personal home gym.

Guest Bedroom

Basement bedrooms offer guests much needed privacy and space. They allow friends and family to stay longer over the holidays without much disruption. If in-laws need a place to stay or you want to expand your sleeping areas, you can usually fit a guest bedroom downstairs with little construction work. If you need a window, simply install an egress for natural light.   

Guest bedroom basement reovoation

Bar and Wine Room

Need a place to watch the Eagles? A spot to gather with friends? A home bar is the best of both worlds. It gives you a designated place to sit back and relax over a beer or glass of wine. A bar area can also serve as the neighborhood hangout for a major game. The consistently cooler temperature of a basement is ideal for storing wine as well. Many homeowners build wine storage in their lower level.


If you have small children, you know there are always small toys lying around. Keep your home looking neat with a playroom in the basement. It gives you and your spouse much needed storage space for extra toys and games. You can even add slides, a rock-climbing wall, and other fun features.

Theater or Game Room

Make your home the envy of the neighborhood with a game room. The range of options to choose from is endless. You can fill the game room with a pool table, shuffleboard, arcade games and more. Install a virtual reality area, dart board or electronic putting game. The games you choose are up to you.

Need help getting started? Call DiSabatino’s Interior Remodeling Team, who offers exceptional style and design services for kitchens, bathrooms, basements, bars, laundry rooms or home gyms.

Home Renovations

Top 5 Home Renovation Trends for 2023

How to Maximize Your Home’s Potential

As homeowners needs continue to evolve, renovation and remodeling specialists predict a few trends to continue and others to drop in popularity.

What projects give you the most return on your time and money? Here’s what designers are expecting in the new year.

Work From Home

The pandemic already changed the way people report to work, creating a high demand for home offices. As more people work from home, a dedicated space for work is extremely desirable. If you can’t commit to an entire room, homes will benefit from carving out an area that’s quieter and more isolated from the main living areas of the home.

Multi-Generational Living

Looking for a way to retain their independence while getting the care they need, many senior family members are moving in with their adult children. Home renovation companies have seen a surge in separate in-law additions that benefit both generations. Grandparents help with childcare and household expenses, while living independently with their family members.

Outdoor Living Spaces

The surge in popularity for outdoor kitchens and bars shows no signs of dropping. Open air entertaining areas offer flexibility, additional hosting spaces and enjoyment of your home year-round. Make the most of the outdoors with a custom living space for your whole family to enjoy.  

Outdoor living space

Kitchen Additions

Large kitchens with plenty of island seating remain at the top of homeowner wish lists. If you’re looking to expand your home with an open concept kitchen, DiSabatino’s design team can show you how. An updated kitchen not only increases your enjoyment; it enhances the value of your home.

Sustainable Design

Eco-friendly, organic and natural elements are increasingly in demand. Major furniture and home decorating companies such as Pottery Barn, West Elm and Williams Sonoma have even designated areas of their offerings to sustainable product lines. As more people search for ways to help the environment when buying new furniture, this trend will only continue to grow.

If you’re interested in updating your home in 2023, give DiSabatino Landscaping a call. Our interior remodeling and renovation team has an extensive portfolio of home renovation projects.

Giving Back to the Community

The DiSabatino Difference

DiSabatino Landscaping has been offering superior landscape and residential remodeling services throughout the Brandywine Valley for more than 25 years.


“Our name is the same as our company,” says founder Chris DiSabatino. “That’s why we take our reputation and commitment to our community so seriously. We are always looking for ways to give back through volunteer efforts, events and contributions.”

DiSabatino Landscaping team members recognize that their success is based on the support of friends, family and neighbors. This year, they partnered with Motorcycle Santa to help raise money for their local non-profit organization. Motorcycle Santa ( brings toys to children in the hospital over the holidays and sponsors two rooms at the Ronald McDonald House for families with sick children.

The company recently hosted an event for Urban Promise of Wilmington. This organization helps children living in downtown Wilmington achieve success through after-school programs, summer camps, leadership programs and internships. The event was held at DiSabatino’s recently remodeled outdoor pavilion and showroom. 

DiSabatino has also been a supporter of Salesianum School, Alfred I DuPont Childrens Hospital and the B+ Foundation.

B+ Foundation
Custom Basement Renovations - Bar Area (Chahalis)3

Thinking of Remodeling?

What to Know Before You Begin

Home improvement shows “Fixer Upper” and “Flip or Flop” have never been more popular, as homeowners are increasingly deciding to renovate existing rooms rather than buying new properties.

A remodeling project can update and enhance living space without requiring a major move to another new area. The Brandywine Valley region has many homes with ideal locations that were built years ago and are in need of improvements to bring them up to today’s style.

Before you undertake a full home renovation, there are a few steps that will help make the process as seamless as possible:

Spend Time in Your Home

It takes time to realize what you love and what you’d like to change about your home. When you first move in, there’s a long list of items you need to check off. Wait to unpack and see how your house flows once it’s filled with furniture. After settling in for a few months, you can evaluate closet space, bedroom layouts and kitchen and bath updates, then come up with a design wish list.

Custom Basement Renovations - Bar Area (Chahalis)
Sunroom in a house – furnished home

Set a Realistic Timeline

Home renovation projects don’t always run smoothly. Supply chain delays, outdated electrical, and construction surprises can always happen. Don’t plan an important event around the completion of a project. Make sure you build in delays to the construction timeline and are upfront with your contractor about when you’re hoping the project is completed.

Do Your Research

An experienced contractor will explain the design and installation process to you so you’re aware of the scope of the project. Ask plenty of questions to ensure you understand what a home renovation project will entail. Kitchen renovations can leave you without a working oven or sink for days. Most countertop installers need all cabinets and appliances in place before booking an appointment. Basement renovations frequently need permit approval from the township’s code inspector.  Make sure you understand work complications before the project begins.

Custom Basement Renovations - wine cooler inset Bar Area (Chahalis)

Hire Top Quality Professionals

Contact your local interior remodeling professional, DiSabatino Landscaping. Get an estimates and review the design they provide careful. It’s worth paying more money for better work than paying for a shoddy job you’ll need someone to fix down the road. Like DiSabatino Landscaping, make sure to check the firm you’re hiring is fully insured.

Home renovations projects enhance the value, style and enjoyment of your home. Taking the time to do your research now will prevent headaches, delays and costly mistakes so you can begin enjoying your newly remodeled home as soon as possible.

DiSabatino Landscaping Under Deck Patio 2

How to Use the Space Under Your Deck

Ideas for Utilizing Tall Spaces  

As the winter seasons approaches and you spend more time indoors, it’s the ideal time to begin planning how to maximize your outdoor space. The area underneath a second story deck is one of the easiest ways to do so because there is already a firm foundation, overhead decking and a large outer wall to work with.

Most landscaping companies are currently booking into the spring of 2023. If you’re interested in enjoying your new project when warm weather arrives, contact DiSabatino Landscaping as soon as possible.

For those with a taller deck who are looking for ways to extend your entertaining space, the following ideas may help with inspiration:

DiSabatino Landscaping Under Deck Patio

Putting Green

Who doesn’t want to improve their golf game? Artificial turf is easy to maintain and doesn’t require sunlight. If you back up to an open area, you can even extend the green further out for a driving range. Building a bed of river rock around the green is an attractive and efficient way to help draw water away from the house.

Outdoor Bar

Score some outdoor entertaining space with a first level bar area. The shade from the upper deck means you won’t have any glare on your outdoor TV during game time. It also helps break up a party into multiple levels for guests to socialize with others.

DiSabatino Landscaping Under Deck Patio 2

Storage Space

Use the first-floor level of a walkout basement for much needed storage space. You can install attractive privacy fencing and multiple lockers to keep tools, outdoor accessories, water toys and other large items out of sight. If your deck is large enough, you might even be able to store a boat or extra vehicle.

Hot Tub

A ground level patio is an ideal place to install a hot tub. It offers privacy and protection from the elements. Ease the tensions of the day and relax sore muscles with a jacuzzi soak all year long. You can add other water features or even an outdoor fireplace to enhance the area.  

Kids Area with Swings

The underside of a second story deck is a prime spot to anchor a swing or two. Give your kids a special area to play and hang out with friends by building an outdoor play area. For more adventurous parents, you can even create a second story spiral slide from the top deck to the patio below.

Basketball Court

Why You Should Build a Sports Court

Make your home the neighborhood hangout with a basketball court in your own backyard. The benefits of building an outdoor sports court are immeasurable. It’s a place to hang out all year round without waiting for open baskets or interrupting a competitive game.

DiSabatino Landscaping has partnered with VersaCourt to build personal courts for the Brandywine Valley. These custom designs work with the terrain and slope of your yard and can be tailored to any style or color. They offer basketball, volleyball, tennis, pickleball, hockey and shuffleboard courts. 

Basketball Court

The best way to get your kids off their screens and outside with their friends is giving them something to do outside. Other benefits of an outdoor sports court include:

  • Accessibility day or night
  • Increased fitness and sports skills    
  • An activity for guests at every family gathering or birthday party
  • Convenience of your own court without driving to find one
  • Versatility as a clean, flat area to use for other sports and games
  • A safe, fun place for kids to hang out after school
  • Low maintenance surface

VersaCourt also offers multi-sport game courts that give players the ability to play multiple sports on the same durable, easy-to-maintain surface. They have a wide range of accessories and add-ons to choose from.

If you’re interested in learning how DiSabatino Landscaping can install a full court in your backyard, give us a call today.  

Ryan Grady - DiSabatino Family

Employee Spotlight: Ryan Grady

Ryan Grady has been working as a Sales & Design Consultant for DiSabatino Landscaping since June of 2022. A native of West Chester, he joined the team after returning to the area he grew up in.

Ryan Grady - DiSabatino Family

Ryan attended Unionville High School in Chadds Ford before graduating from Virginia Tech with a degree in Agribusiness Management. While in school, he began interning at Outside Unlimited. He took a full-time position as a landscaper there after graduating college.

After working at Outside Unlimited, he began working as a foreman for Rupert Landscaping before deciding to move south to Miami, Florida, where he explored real estate development opportunities.

Ryan joined DiSabatino Landscaping after moving back to his hometown. “I’m enjoying working with everyone at DiSabatino and I look forward to establishing roots here,” he says. “It’s been a great experience getting to know the DiSabatino family and clientele.”

Chris has a sister and parents who live in West Chester. He enjoys spending time outdoors, working out and watching sports, especially his favorite team, the Virginia Tech Hokies.

How to Know if You Have a Drainage Problem

Standing or pooling puddles of water may seem harmless, but they can cause a great deal of damage to your property. Over time, water will work its way into the home and create mold, rot and foundation issues.

Addressing the problem now can prevent thousands of dollars in repairs down the road. While pools of standing water are obvious concerns, there are other less evident signs you might have a drainage problem.

How do you know it’s time to call a professional to evaluate your home? The following tips should help:

Overflowing Downspouts

A well protected home has water run at least five feet away from the foundation. If your gutters aren’t whisking water away, you can get up to 600 gallons of runoff per one inch of rainfall. That water goes right into the soil, putting pressure on your basement and causing cracks that can cost tens of thousands of dollars in repairs.

Moving Mulch

Have you noticed streams of water flowing through your plant beds? If small moats have appeared, you might have a drainage problem. Large streams of water can carve paths in your mulch due to backup. Over time, this can damage your walkways and exterior stonework. You’re also probably missing yards of valuable mulch. An experienced landscaper can build a swale or soil berm to redirect water from the house.

Fall Mulching

Attic Mildew

While it might not seem like moisture in your attic would be affected by drainage, it can definitely be a result of water damage. Moisture from the basement can rise through the house and grow mildew on the underside of the roof. If you see this issue, you should contact a professional immediately.

Flaking Walls

Efflorescence is caused by mineral deposits left behind by water. If gray or white frosty crusting appears on the basement walls, moisture is condensing. Flaking walls, called spalling, may also be a sign that water is getting behind the walls. Any spotting bigger than a half inch may be cause for concern.

If you see any of the above issues, you should contact your local professional landscaper DiSabatino Landscaping to evaluate your property and offer the most effective ways to mitigate the drainage problems. Time is of the essence to prevent additional complications such as mold and rotted foundations.

Growing Winter Plants and Vegetables

A Guide to Growing in the Mid-Atlantic Region

The growing season isn’t over. Late fall is an often overlooked but easy gardening season. You don’t need to water or turn the soil over as often, and the plants provide much needed color as the trees lose their leaves.

Some of the best plants for soups and harvest salads can be planted right now. This is the ideal time to plan garlic, a main ingredient in many meals. Root crops do well in colder weather and continue growing beneath the soil even in the snow.

Make sure to check any plants you purchase to see if they thrive in our region’s climate. In our area of the Brandywine Valley, the USDA rates the area as a 7A and 7B. This means we experience seasonal variations. We might have periods of warm weather in the winter and experience cold winds in early spring.

Mass planting embodies simplicity because it reads as one large element instead of a wide variety of individual plants

The hardiest winter plants are kale, spinach and collards. Root crops that flourish in the colder weather include radishes, turnips, kohlrabi and leeks. Planted in the fall, asparagus will appear after a year or two in the spring. Broccoli can be planted up to 10 weeks before a frost and will last through the winter.

If you’re looking to plant flowers, the following hardy plants make a vibrant winter garden: crocus, camellia, winterberry, ornamental cabbage, daphne and hellebore. These winter flowers will thrive in the cold and offer gorgeous displays all winter long.

Be sure to plant all winter plants and vegetables at least six weeks before the first frost to ensure they have time to establish a root system. It never hurts to protect new plants with burlap coverings for the first few weeks as well.

Outdoor Living Space with Natural Stone - DiSabatino

How to Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays

Tips for Hosting at Home

The entertaining season is quickly approaching, which means plenty of holiday parties, visits from out-of-town guests and other celebrations. Is your home ready for friends and family?

Make your guests feel extra special this holiday season with the following tips:

Clear Out Your Fridge

Your kitchen is about to get plenty of extra work. Take the time now to go through your fridge for expired salad dressings, condiments and other items. Also check your spice cabinets. Give your fridge and freezer shelves a quick wipe with an equal mix of vinegar and water. When you’re done, replace the baking soda box to eliminate odors.

Check Your Dining Table and Chairs

It may have been a while since you sat down in your dining room. They’re often the least used rooms in the home. Before you serve Thanksgiving dinner, you might want to check all chairs. Are they level? Do they need sliders? Spot treat any stains and give the table an extra coat of polish.

Buy or Borrow Extra Serving Items

You don’t want to be in the middle of cooking a big meal and realize you don’t have the tools you need. Once you’ve decided on the courses you’re going to make, go through your entertaining ware to make sure you have enough utensils, platters and other serving items. Do you need a gravy boat? An extra pitcher? Instead of buying, you can always ask a neighbor or guest to borrow them that day.

Get Your Fireplace Cleaned

You should have your fireplace inspected and “flushed” each winter. Besides helping prevent fires, having a clean chimney stops blockages that can create carbon monoxide poisoning. A clean fireplace also heats your home more efficiently, cutting down on heating bills.

Outdoor Living Space

Evaluate Your Entertaining Space

Consider adding an outdoor entertaining area to enjoy in the coming seasons. Outdoor living spaces increases space to host events, offers enjoyable areas to sit and relax, and extends the time you spend outdoors.

DiSabatino Landscaping can build any custom outdoor living space, including custom decks, pavilions, outdoor kitchens and sunrooms. Give us a call today and make your holidays a little brighter. 

Fall Mulching

How to Keep Your Lawn Healthy This Winter

As the cold season approaches, the steps you take now to protect your landscaping can make a huge impact on the health and future growth of your lawn. Winter prepping your property is the most efficient and effective way to safeguard your time and investment. 

The following tips will keep you from having to replace or repair your home in the spring:

Aerate Soil

Take advantage of the number of leaves falling this time of year to create a ground cover for your plants and trees. Shredded leaves make an ideal protection from ice and snow. They also work to protect the root structure and retain moisture in soil.

Summer landscaping - DiSabatino

Trim Dead Limbs

Broken branches expend unnecessary energy for trees and shrubs, taking up precious water and minerals. Trim dead leaves, flowers and other areas of the plant that don’t look healthy. Keep in mind that brown leaves don’t mean the tree is dead. Some trees, such as evergreens and magnolias, turn brown and then green again. The stems should be pliable and firm, with a green cast.

Cover Exposed Plants

Harsh winter winds can cause major damage to vulnerable plants. Protect them with burlap netting to shield them from ice, snow and heavy winds. A cover will also offer extra support to the branches, helping prevent severe breakage.

Remove Unnecessary Clutter

Fall is the perfect time of year to do an evaluation of your home. Have your children outgrown that playset? Do you really need three fire pits? Does your outdoor furniture need an update? Remove the extra clutter or unnecessary yard ornaments now. If you don’t want to sell them, you can donate them to organizations such as Green Drop or the Salvation Army, which offer free pickup.

Get an Expert Evaluation

A professional landscaping firm, like DiSabatino Landscaping, can offer ideas for ways to upgrade your property. Give them a call before their busy spring season to get an expert opinion on areas you may have overlooked. You’ll have time to review and suggestions and decide which services you’d like to consider to make your home a haven all year round.

Tips for Restoring Walkways and Walls

Flagstone walkways, patios and steps often withstand the elements longer than wood or composite PVC, but they still require care and maintenance. Over the years, repeated freezing and thawing in the Northeast can cause mortar to crack. These hairline cracks are easy to fix, but when they are left unattended for long periods of time, they can cause issues down the road.

If you have moved into a new home with crumbling stonework, left your stone repairs alone or inherited a problem from a previous owner, it may be time for a professional restoration.

Before you begin, there are a few things to consider that will make the project run more smoothly:

Evaluate Your Home

This is the ideal time to reassess the rest of your property. Do the walkways need to be widened? Would you like a bigger front porch? To increase curb appeal, consider changing your driveway from asphalt to stone. Or you might add a retaining wall. Consider working with a designer to see all the possibilities for your home.

Renovate Walkways

Do the Research

Obtain estimates from professional stone masonry firms with solid reputations. Stonework is an artisan’s profession that requires years of experience. Make sure the firm you choose has a portfolio of prior work and an experienced stonemason on their team. It will save you from costly repairs and headaches down the road. 

Consider New Developments

Landscape design has recently experienced several new innovations and advancements in the field. These processes can streamline installation and new materials can decrease costs in certain areas. For example, stamped concrete is a relatively new, less expensive option that can be customized for any area of your backyard.

Explore Different Styles

Stone comes in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes. While slate flagstone is one of the most popular options; travertine, quartzite and limestone are also frequently used. You could also consider different cuts of flagstone, such as thin, patio grade or tumbled. Stone can also be accentuated with other materials, including brick walls, PVC posts or granite tops. And the colors to choose from are endless.

Walkway Renovation

Prep Your Yard

Remove any old plants you won’t be keeping during the renovation work. Put away yard tools, old piles and other debris that will get in the way of workers. If the yard has enough room, consider a designated area for all materials to be dropped while work is being done. Also prepare your family for the timeline for work to be finished, factoring in delays due to weather.

Winterize Your Home

Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Winter

Fall is one of the busiest times of the year, full of hayrides and pumpkin picking, Halloween parties and football games. The fall season also means winter is right around the corner.

To prevent future headaches or costly repairs, take care of your home and yard now. A few hours spent winterizing your property is well worth the effort.

The following tips will help streamline the process:

Cover Furniture and Outdoor Equipment

Outdoor furniture can get damaged by excessive snow and rain. Table and chair coverings protect your investment from fading or tearing. You should also cover your outdoor grill or firepit when not in use.

Dreamy outdoor living space

Trim Dead Plants and Tree Branches

Winter storms can cause dead branches to crack and break, wreaking damage on your home or your neighbor’s yard. They can also be a major liability. Walk your property and inspect any dead limbs or plants. Many townships have yard cleanup days in the fall where you can have your yard waste removed at the curb without any cost to you.

Get Your Fireplace Checked

Right now is the ideal time to have your fireplace professionally cleaned. A wood burning fireplace needs to be serviced once a year, and fall is ideal since it will be doing the most work during the cold winter months. Make sure the chimney and cap are in working condition and install a heat proof glass door if you haven’t already. 

Patio with stone fireplace - DiSabatino Landscaping
Photography for Chris Sabatino July 23 2014

Turn Off the Water

Exterior hoses and faucets should be turned off in the winter to prevent freezing water pipes. Make sure all hoses are drained of water before turning off the supply and storing them for the winter months.

Check Window Seals

Prevent costly winter drafts and save on heating costs by reinforcing window seals with caulk. Check the window seals for any leaks – the biggest indicator is fog on the glass – and have them resealed. If they still leak air, it may be time to replace them.

Clear Your Gutters

Wait until the majority of the leaves have fallen from your trees before clearing your gutters, or you’ll need to do them twice. Removing dead leaves keeps them from freezing and clogging your gutters in the winter months. You should also clear your gutters in the beginning of spring.

global water systems - DiSabtino

Tips for Evergreen Care

How to Take Care of Your Trees All Year Long

Evergreen trees and shrubs are a staple in the Northeastern region, where they thrive in every season and continue offering bright green displays when most trees lose their leaves. While they are a hardy plant that thrives in the colder climates, they can be still be damaged due to damage and neglect.

DiSabatino Landscaping collected a few tips to keep your evergreens looking healthy all year round:

Consider Sun Exposure

Evergreen trees and shrubs prefer full exposure in the summer and more shade in the cooler months. You can offer both conditions by planting evergreens on the northern side of your property. Make sure the soil is well graded with drainage. Evergreens also prefer acidic soil.

Protect Your Plants

Winter winds and snow can cause havoc to your trees and shrubs. Before it turns too cold, have them staked and covered with burlap to provide added protection from high winds. Covering them before snow arrives will also offer extra support to the branches, helping prevent breakage.

Ornamental plants for landscaping.

Consider Anti-Desiccant Sprays

Done properly, anti-desiccant sprays provide a protective layer on the leaves that reduce transpiration of moisture. It also helps to minimize the effects of pollutants from deicers that encourage desiccation. Fertilizers such as Mycorrhizae, which contain helpful fungus, can help plants thrive.   

Trust Plant Intelligence

Resist the urge to remove snow. Although heavy snow fall and ice can weigh branches down to a point of almost snapping, they will gradually recover as temperatures warm up. It is more likely to cause damage, including breaking off needles and recent growth, if not done correctly.

Prune Seasonally

Prune in early spring before buds begin to form. Evergreen shrubs tend to push new growth when they are pruned too late, leaving tender shoots exposed to drying winter winds. This will cause browning in the spring. You can prune the brown out, however, you would be pruning the season’s new growth.

Landscaping Maintenance

How to Maintain Your Lawn’s Health Year Round

Top Tips for Preserving Your Investment

You’ve finally gotten your yard to where you need it to be. The plants are flourishing, the flowers are blooming and your fledgling trees are finally tall enough for privacy. Now comes the hard part: keeping it that way.

DiSabatino‘s Premier Property Program was created in response to repeated requests from current clients looking for help with upkeep. Our design consultants help protect the beauty and value of your investment with services such as spring and fall clean up visits at the beginning and end of each season and temporary watering schedules for clients on vacation.

Premium Landscaping

In addition, a professional landscape firm will be able to spot any issues with your lawn and treat it accordingly. A misdiagnosed disease or insect infestation won’t resolve the problem and can even end up affecting the plants and trees you spent so much time and money on. Professional landscapers recognize lawn and shrub issues that are native to the area and know the most effective ways to treat them.

Another benefit of using a property maintenance program? You won’t need to purchase expensive equipment that takes us garage space to treat your property on a seasonal basis.

Caring for your property is a year-round job. Let DiSabatino Landscaping’s Premier Property experts take care of it for you.

Beautiful Sunrooms

Why Sunrooms May Be Your Most Versatile Space

Time spent on a front porch or patio is always enjoyable, but time spent in a sunroom may be even nicer. Why? Because they can be used year-round, regardless of the weather.

A sunroom retreat offers protection from the elements, pesky bugs and glaring sun. It’s one of the nicest ways to enjoy your coffee in the morning or unwind with a cocktail in the evening. And it can also exponentially increase the value of your home.

Your sunroom can be used in a number of ways:


The most popular way to use your new sunroom is a place to host guests. From a large dining table to conversation chair seating, sunrooms add extra space that open to the outdoors. Extend your entertaining with a sunroom that helps bridge the gap between your home and backyard.

Home Office

Working from home? As more than 35% of active job holders work remotely, extra space has become a priority. A sunroom allows you to have the privacy of your own home office while affording the best views of your home. Most sunrooms also offer sound proofing, so you don’t have to worry about your family or pets being overheard on business calls.  


If you have young kids, you know that toys end up everywhere. A sunroom is a great spot to corral games and playthings. And since it’s one of the sunniest areas of your house, kids will naturally gravitate to playing in a bright space when the weather isn’t ideal for being outside.

all season sunrooms


Take advantage of the light coming through sunroom windows to get the perfect amount of sun for your plants. Even on cloudy days, a sunroom will be one the brightest spots in your home. Get the garden you’ve always wanted and the climate you’ve always needed by taking advantage of your all-season sunroom.


Do you enjoy reading, writing, crafting or knitting? A sunroom offers you an area to indulge your hobbies without being disturbed by other members of your home. It can also give you an extra landing area for storing supplies. Enjoy your hobbies uninterrupted in your own space.

Sleeping Area

Outdoor porches and screened-in decks were often used for extra sleeping areas in the summer, especially in the South. When you have guests visiting, you can use your sunroom as an extra bedroom. Pull-out couches or settees are great ways to host visiting family members for long weekends or holidays.

These are just a few options for utilizing your sunroom. Get started with DiSabatino Landscaping today to begin enjoying your space all year round!

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Why You Should Consider Using Natural Stone in Your Next Project

In today’s world of home design, natural stone is one of the most popular and versatile building materials available. Its strength, beauty and classic appeal makes it a clear choice for an array of projects, from curving pathways to outdoor rooms. 

Increase the beauty and utility of your home with natural stone. There are a number of ways to incorporate stone into your landscape:

Outdoor Rooms

Outdoor rooms have enjoyed a big surge in popularity. Their ability to extend entertaining and outdoor living has increasingly made them more appealing to homeowners. These rooms may include kitchens, bars, outdoor seating or entertaining areas. Whether you are looking for sleek and contemporary or warm and rustic, natural stone can be adapted for any outdoor room.

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Decorative Walkways & Steps

It’s often the smallest touches that make the biggest impact. Natural stone steps and walkways are an ideal addition to any landscape. Their inherent durability makes them well-suited for well-traveled areas.

Natural stone pavers can be placed along curved paths just as easily as they can on straight walkways. They come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors. Stone’s overall style and adaptability gives designers the ability to create breathtaking designs.

Fire & Water Features

Stone is a natural choice for two of the most popular landscaping elements available: Fire and water features. Stone is an elegant and essential material for custom pool decks, spas and decorative fountains. Its durability and functionality gives it an advantage over concrete or artificial pavers.

For fall’s cooler evenings, stone can also be employed in fireplaces and fire pits. Its ability to sustain both hot and cold elements allows it to work well with every feature of your landscape.

Outdoor pool with water features


Natural stone’s range of colors and sizes gives allows to be used as an accent or central building material. It can also be used in conjunction with materials such as brick, pavers and wood, blending seamlessly with each style. The options are truly endless.

Esposito Masonry has been creating custom stone projects for decades. Led by third-generation stonemason Vinny Esposito, they offer strength, beauty and longevity to elevate your home. 

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Fall Landscaping Trends to Try

As the long summer days begin to dwindle and families head back from vacation, it’s time to give your property a fall refresh. There’s no better time to work on your yard, as the soil is easier to move and heavy spring rains aren’t flooding newly planted root systems.

If you have some extra time on your hands now that the kids are back in school, we have a few suggestions to upgrade your property:

Think Past Mums

While mums are one of fall’s prettiest and most popular plants, there are plenty of other options to try. Consider cool-season vegetables and greens such as cabbage, rainbow chard and ornamental grasses. The deep greens and purples of these plants pair well with fall’s trademark colors. Pansies, violas and black-eyed Susans can also add splashes of seasonal color.  

Fire Pits and Fireplaces

Outdoor fires are one of the most iconic aspects of fall. Adding a fire pit or fireplace with comfortable seating extends outdoor entertaining all season long. They can be adapted to fit any size; and are one of the best ways to enjoy your backyard. 


Eco-Friendly Options

Composting is one of the most green and cost-effective ways to recycle your grass and leaf clippings. As the trees begin to shed, consider composting them instead of dumping them. You can also mow your lawn on a higher blade setting to simply cut the leaves up, helping protect the root systems.

Rubber Mulch

Natural mulch needs to be replaced yearly, but rubber mulch can last for up to ten years. It’s a different look and may not be for every homeowner, but the maintenance is easier. Rubber mulch also costs more than natural, but since it lasts longer it can save you money over time. 

Rubber Mulch- DiSabatino


Spring and summer are the biggest seasons for plant and shrub growth. Make sure you evaluate your home and trim back overgrown plants. Oakleaf and mophead hydrangeas are old wood varieties that should be cut back so they bloom again.

Need professional advice on what fall trends best work for your backyard, contact the landscaping experts at DiSabatino Landscaping.

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The Rising Popularity of Fireplaces and Fire Pits

Why More are Being Built Each Year

Fireplaces and fire pits are one of the most popular outdoor projects today, and it’s not easy to see why. What could be more enjoyable than stepping outside to enjoy the comfort and relaxation of your own backyard?

A Gathering Place

As the warm summer nights make way for cooler fall temps, custom fireplaces and fire pits significantly extend your time outside. Fire warms the air and keeps bugs away to help when hosting guests and family members. They also create a gathering spot for parties and events.

Hardscaping Options

From simple wood-burning fire pits to natural gas or propane with natural stone accents, the design of each project can be adapted to fit every yard. Esposito Masonry team members have been building elegant, inspiring outdoor fireplaces that last for decades. They carry a wide range of stone colors, shapes and styles. 

Custom Fireplace - DiSabatino

Outdoor Roasting

Not only do outdoor fire pits allow guests to enjoy outdoor entertaining well into colder months, but they’re also just as useful in the summer season too. And they’re not just for roasting marshmallows. Outdoor fireplaces can double as outdoor barbecues in a pinch as well.

Outside Fireplace - DiSabatino

Safety Measures

Whether you’d adding a fire pit to an outdoor patio or building a fireplace as a focal point for your yard, make sure to consult with a professional landscape firm to ensure safety measures are maintained. Check out DiSabatino’s portfolio of projects here.

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