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How to Keep Your Lawn Healthy This Winter

As the cold season approaches, the steps you take now to protect your landscaping can make a huge impact on the health and future growth of your lawn. Winter prepping your property is the most efficient and effective way to safeguard your time and investment. 

The following tips will keep you from having to replace or repair your home in the spring:

Aerate Soil

Take advantage of the number of leaves falling this time of year to create a ground cover for your plants and trees. Shredded leaves make an ideal protection from ice and snow. They also work to protect the root structure and retain moisture in soil.

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Trim Dead Limbs

Broken branches expend unnecessary energy for trees and shrubs, taking up precious water and minerals. Trim dead leaves, flowers and other areas of the plant that don’t look healthy. Keep in mind that brown leaves don’t mean the tree is dead. Some trees, such as evergreens and magnolias, turn brown and then green again. The stems should be pliable and firm, with a green cast.

Cover Exposed Plants

Harsh winter winds can cause major damage to vulnerable plants. Protect them with burlap netting to shield them from ice, snow and heavy winds. A cover will also offer extra support to the branches, helping prevent severe breakage.

Remove Unnecessary Clutter

Fall is the perfect time of year to do an evaluation of your home. Have your children outgrown that playset? Do you really need three fire pits? Does your outdoor furniture need an update? Remove the extra clutter or unnecessary yard ornaments now. If you don’t want to sell them, you can donate them to organizations such as Green Drop or the Salvation Army, which offer free pickup.

Get an Expert Evaluation

A professional landscaping firm, like DiSabatino Landscaping, can offer ideas for ways to upgrade your property. Give them a call before their busy spring season to get an expert opinion on areas you may have overlooked. You’ll have time to review and suggestions and decide which services you’d like to consider to make your home a haven all year round.