Outdoor Living Space

Landscaping Styles that Are Dating Your Home

How to Tell if Your Home Needs a Refresh

Over the past twenty years, landscape design has evolved into a billion-dollar industry. Outdoor living spaces have shown to be just as essential to homebuyers as the interior of the home. A new patio, deck or outdoor kitchen is one of the most effective and enjoyable ways to increase entertaining space in your house.

Is it to renovate your outdoor living area? Here’s how you can tell:

Overly Manicured Lawns

A nicely mowed lawn is always in style. But one that’s cut down to the quick with minimal trees and shrubs looks barren. Add some color and depth to your lawn with native plantings that thrive in the Northeast region. You can also add style with special water features, stone retaining walls or rock boulders.

Outdoor Patio

Ornate Patios

Too much of a good thing can be too much of a good thing. Overly intricate or “busy” outdoor spaces are considered outdated trends. Right now, clean lines and light colors are in style. Homeowners are incorporating natural materials and organic elements in their outdoor projects.

The Same Material

Using just one type of building material throughout the project can make your house look bland. Today’s outdoor designs incorporate complementary styles, including brick, stone, concrete, PVC and wood. Mixing and matching colors and types of material make your outdoor living space pop.  

Excessive Decorations

Most homes are enhanced with outdoor ornaments, but too many can have the opposite effect. Don’t go overboard with garden gnomes, fountains, or flamingos. A few ornaments here or there is fine, but more than three can make your home look dated.    

Storage Sheds

While the idea of additional storage areas isn’t out of date, the look of it is. Traditional lawnmower and outdoor landscaping equipment sheds can make your house look behind the times. Consider a gardening shed or pool house that mimics the look of your home. Adding windows to an existing shed can instantly update its look.

The winter season is the perfect time to begin planning an outdoor renovation. Give DiSabatino Landscaping a call to discuss how we can enhance your home.