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Add a Water Feature to Enhance Your Outdoor Living Area

The benefits to having a water feature in your landscaping are many, from attracting wildlife and improved air quality to a reduction in noise pollution. According to Feng Shui, an ancient practice of looking to strike a balance with the natural world in living spaces, running water brings wealth.

This could easily be true, as the added curb appeal of a water feature brings up the value of your home. Landscaping water features attract potential homebuyers and are therefore a good investment. But, why wait until you sell to enhance your backyard with running water?

When it comes to relaxation in your own backyard, nothing is as soothing as the sound of running water. It is often said that flowing water soothes the soul. Throughout history, trusted doctors, philosophers and clerics have advocated the healing powers of water.

Here are Some Water Features that Will Add Value to Your Landscape:


  • Ecosystem Pond
  • Koi Pond
  • Water-Lily Pond
  • Trailing Stone Pond
  • Reflection Pond

Any one of the above pond options is bound to be the focal point of your landscaping. Ponds are the best way to attract birds, butterflies, dragonflies and other wildlife to your backyard. Making relaxation and the appreciation of nature easy and soothing. A great staycation solution for these challenging times.


  • Three Tiered Traditional Garden Fountain
  • Bubbling Urn Fountain
  • Stone Column Fountain
  • Classic Greek Fountain
  • Japanese Fountain
  • Endless/Disappearing Fountain
  • Cascading Fountain
  • Wall Fountains
  • Bird Bath Fountain

Surprisingly, any of these water fountains are an excellent solution for a landscaping area that is limited in size or as an entryway statement. Fountains, made with a variety of materials cement, ceramic, metal, cast stone, fiberglass and resin, create a soothing background noise to calm the spirit.


  • Pondless Waterfall
  • Spout Water Feature
  • Waterwall
  • Cascading Rock Waterfall
  • Rain Curtain
  • Scuppers
  • Sconces
  • Laminar Jets
  • Bubblers
  • Streambeds

Many homeowners are seeing the value of creating outdoor living areas and in doing so are using all types of unique water features to enhance their space. Likewise, these water features, such as a rain curtain or deck jets with LED lighting add a special ambiance in the darker hours of the day.

With outdoor entertainment being in high demand, adding one or more of these water features to your outdoor living area can make for many memorable occasions in your own backyard. Don’t forget to explore the lighting options to enhance any water feature you install.

If you are considering a water feature installation, talk with one of our landscaped design specialist at DiSabatino Landscaping. We can quickly and expertly install a pond, waterfall, water fountain or streambed that will enhance your outdoor living area for years to come.





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how to winterize your pond

Watch Our How to Winterize Your Pond Video

Winterizing your pond begins in the fall, as water temperature is a big factor in determining when is the right time to begin the winterization process for ponds and other water features.

Tips to Winterize Ponds

DiSabatino Landscaping of Delaware helps homeowners to properly take care of their hardscaping and landscaping investment. That is why we suggest that you complete the following steps to prepare ponds and other water features for the winter months ahead.

How to Winterize Living Ponds & Other Water Features:

  • Debris Control: Clean out all debris, leaves and silt from the bottom of your pond. The cleaner you can get the pond before freezing weather comes, the healthier your pond will be throughout the winter. Ponds need to be covered with netting in the fall. This netting should be well above the surface so leaves can be easily cleaned. Use a fine-weave aquarium net to sift out excess sludge and debris.
  • Water Change: A water change can be done anytime, but it is much more comfortable if it’s done before the water reaches 60◦ Remember to use dechlorinator if your water contains chlorine.
  • De-Icer: Use a de-icer to keep a section of your pond open to allow oxygenation and gas exchange. This does not warm the overall water temperature of your pond. A de-icer simply allows toxic gasses to be released and oxygen to enter the pond.
  • Pump Care: When temperatures drop below 40°F, the main pump should be removed and filters thoroughly cleaned. Do not leave the pump running on the bottom of the pond. It will lower the temperature of the entire pond by disrupting the natural thermal layers of the pond water as well as adding extreme stress on pond fish.
  • Plant Care: Trim and remove any dying plant material as it appears to avoid debris build-up. In this area, bring inside all tropical plants and set all hardy water lilies to the bottom, if the pond is deep enough to keep them from freezing to the bottom.
  • Fish Care: Depending on the water temperature will determine what food you feed you fish. Cooler temperatures make it harder for fish to digest food properly. Though it is important for fish to bulk up during the winter months, it is imperative that they not be overfed. As this is a complicated topic, here are more intricate instructions on fish care.

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Fall is Great Time for Fire Pits!

Autumn Maintenance

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