How to Have Success With Crapemyrtles in Your Landscaping

When Can I Start Planting?

A Guide to Spring Using USDA Map Zones

The first week of spring is officially here. While temperatures around the region have begun to warm up, there are still frost warnings in our area of the Brandywine Valley. Many homeowners are wondering when they should begin getting their outdoors ready.

According to the USDA Map of the United States, this area of Delaware and Pennsylvania is ranked Zone 7. That means that temperatures are generally mild this time of year – not as hot as the South and not as cold as New England. Keep in mind there are two areas of Zone 7 as well. Zone 7a’s lowest temperatures hit a few degrees cooler than Zone 7b’s. 

Mass planting embodies simplicity because it reads as one large element instead of a wide variety of individual plants

The relatively comfortable climate of Zone 7 means a large variety of trees and plants can thrive here.

Cool weather vegetables such as cabbage, onions, potatoes and kale can usually be planted in late February to early March. Lettuce, tomatoes and herbs should be planted in late April to early May.

Ornamental plants for landscaping.

You’ll want to wait until the last frost, which is usually between the end of March and beginning to April, to begin putting flowers outside. Even then, make sure temperatures have been consistently above 50 degrees to make sure they don’t freeze.

Flowers in Zone 7 that do well include Black-Eyed Susan’s, sage, lavender, catmint, roses, hydrangeas and canny lilies.

If you want to learn more about what will thrive in your backyard regarding sunlight and shade, give DiSabatino Landscaping a call and we’ll be happy to discuss how to create the ideal landscape for your home.