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Essential Peak Summer Landscaping Tips

How to Protect Your Home in Excessive Sun and Heat 

This July and August are expected to bring high heat indexes and extreme sun to our area of the Brandywine Valley, which can cause stress to lawns, landscapes and trees. A few simple steps to take now will help keep your lawn green and flowers healthy all season long. 

Water Appropriately

Make sure you water plants at the right time of day. The ideal time is early in the morning or late in the evening, to keep moisture from evaporating quickly. You don’t need to water more often, but when you do it’s best to use a healthy amount of water. Grass should receive an inch of water a week.

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Use Appropriate Shade

Take advantage of the shaded areas or your property with low light plants and flowers such as impatiens, hostas, ferns, Japanese maples and rhododendrons. They often use less water and resources. For full sun areas, make sure you incorporate flowers that can take light all day long. These include black-eyed Susans, zinnias, begonias, Russian sage and lavender.

Incorporate Native Plantings

Consult with a landscape professional to ensure you’re planting the right kinds of shrubs, trees and plants that work with the area in which we live. The colder Northeast region isn’t equipped to nurture cactus or palm trees outdoors. Our area has high amount of limestone, which is generally fertile.  

Mow Higher

Many homeowners don’t realize that mowing their lawns short makes grass more susceptible to heat and stress, ending up needing more fertilizer to look healthy. Taller grasses shade out weeds, protect moisture in soil and keeps roots cooler. You can also use grass clippings as fertilizer.

Trim Plantings

Your plants may be looking worse for wear halfway through the summer months. Cut deadheads to preserve energy and thicker plants. Pruning is essential for healthy plantings. Cut out dead, dying or damaged wood, and check for any signs of disease or insect infestation.

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Get Ready for Fall Seeding

Do a quick check now to ensure you have the right tools and supplies for fall seeding. It’s the ideal time to get your lawn ready for next spring. Aerating your lawn also helps with the root system during harsh winter months.