Creating a Property Maintenance Plan

How to Take the Hassle Out of Lawn Care

Spring is coming, which means it’s time to get your backyard ready for outdoor gatherings and celebrations.

If your checklist for caring for your backyard has grown too big or much to handle, DiSabatino Landscaping can help. Our teams of experienced landscapers, arborists, and plant healthcare professionals offer a year-round maintenance plan for your property.

The Premier Property Program helps you protect the beauty and value of your investment in your home. There are several options of maintenance to choose from.

The plan’s services include a spring and fall clean up at the beginning and end of each season. Team members can schedule monthly or bi-monthly visits to clear landscape beds and property areas of weed and yard debris.


Professional plant specialists will inspect and treat trees and shrubs for any diseases or insect infestations. They can also provide temporary watering schedules when clients are away on vacation.

Because our team members are taking care of your property, we will also extend the plant warranty for any plantings completed by DiSabatino for the extent of your program with us.

Let our professionals show you how to enhance the health and growth of your landscaping. Give us a call to learn about our Premier Property Program.