Winter Landscape Lighting

How to Use Outdoor Landscape Lighting to Brighten Winter Nights

As the brisk weather and shorter daylights start encroaching this winter, do not let dark winter nights dampen your spirit. Outdoor landscape lighting can help. Sure, the month of December is full of bright seasonal lighting that brings about holiday cheer. However, those lights soon disappears after the New Year.

Low levels of natural light during the winter contribute to the winter blues. The remaining winter months do not have to be all doom and gloom. Not when there are varieties of subtle approaches homeowners can take to incorporate landscape lighting to lift their spirits.

Consider spotlighting, backlighting or up-lighting certain trees in your yard to add a stunning effect of shadows and silhouettes. Light reflecting off snow or water features makes for a softer ambient form of lighting. Colored lighting, such as yellows and reds, will create a coziness. While blue and purple lighting will add to a more natural lighting effect.

Do not forget to light up pathways and outdoor living areas for safety, as well as extending outdoor living into the darker hours.


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