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Winter Landscape Lighting

How to Use Outdoor Landscape Lighting to Brighten Winter Nights

As the brisk weather and shorter daylights start encroaching this winter, do not let dark winter nights dampen your spirit. Outdoor landscape lighting can help. Sure, the month of December is full of bright seasonal lighting that brings about holiday cheer. However, those lights soon disappears after the New Year.

Low levels of natural light during the winter contribute to the winter blues. The remaining winter months do not have to be all doom and gloom. Not when there are varieties of subtle approaches homeowners can take to incorporate landscape lighting to lift their spirits.

Consider spotlighting, backlighting or up-lighting certain trees in your yard to add a stunning effect of shadows and silhouettes. Light reflecting off snow or water features makes for a softer ambient form of lighting. Colored lighting, such as yellows and reds, will create a coziness. While blue and purple lighting will add to a more natural lighting effect.

Do not forget to light up pathways and outdoor living areas for safety, as well as extending outdoor living into the darker hours.


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Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Your Home

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Now is the Perfect Time to Create an Outdoor Living Space – 7 Options to Consider

With the summer days waning and the cooler fall weather waxing (hopefully soon), now is the perfect time to create that outdoor living space you have always wanted. Outdoor living makes for a healthy lifestyle.

Think about how enjoyable these soon to arrive cool evenings with family and friends around a roaring fire will be. A comfortable outdoor living space that enables relaxation, as well as socializing distancing, is just what the doctor ordered for these challenging times.

Investing in some new outdoor living features allow homeowners to create an outdoor atmosphere that makes every day feel like a vacation. The best place to start when creating an outdoor living area is to determine your unique needs. Create a well-thought out custom design to reflect your style and taste.

Take a look at some of the following options when creating your own unique outdoor living space.

7 Outdoor Living Space Options to Consider:

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1) Comfortable Seating Area

First, create a comfortable seating area for family and friends to relax and enjoy the ambient sounds and nature. More than likely, you will want some sort of cover to protect your outdoor living space from the elements.

2) Protection from the Elements

Consider adding a large umbrella, pergola or pavilion that will enable enjoyment no matter what the weather conditions may be. Perhaps you would prefer a privacy wall or trellis to add a little ‘old world’ flair. Maybe you would like to add a little nautical theme by hanging a few colorful canvas shade sails. Whatever floats your boat, some sort of protection from the elements is essential to creating an outdoor living area.

3) Safety Lighting and Ambiance

When designing your outdoor living area, do not forget the lighting.  Navigating a dark pathway is a safety issue.  Landscape lighting such as Path lighting and soft ambient lighting will enhance your outdoor oasis and extend your enjoyment into the evening hours.

4) Fire Feature

An outdoor fireplace or fire pit not only adds to the ambiance of your outdoor living space, it extends it usability into the cooler weather. On top of that, it can serve as a cooking option. Campsite meals and roasting marshmallows are a great way to create happy memories and enhance family bonds. Many homeowners are going the modern route, by installing beautifully designed fire pit tables. Whatever your style, a fire feature in your outdoor living space is highly advisable.

5) Outdoor Kitchen or Bar

Entertaining outdoors is a lot easier if you have the amenities nearby. That is why we usually advise some sort of cooking and refrigeration appliance close to your outdoor living area. A bar set up with everyone’s favorite beverage or an outdoor kitchen with all the cooking and serving utensils makes for easy entertaining. It eliminates the need to make several trips inside to access food and drinks.

6) Entertainment Center

An entertainment center set up with television, stereo and possibly even a karaoke machine will be a great enticement for family and friends to hang out in the backyard. A disco ball and dance floor might not be a back choice either!

7) Water Feature

Whether you go for the whole shebang … in ground pool with cascading waterfall and Jacuzzi or a simple bubbling urn fountain, a water feature in your outdoor living space will add the soothing sound of running water.

Many homeowners are seeing the value of creating outdoor living areas and in doing so are using all types of unique water features to enhance their space. Likewise, these water features, such as a rain curtain or deck jets with LED lighting add a special ambiance in the darker hours of the day.

With outdoor entertainment being in high demand, adding one or more of these water features to your outdoor living area can make for many memorable occasions in your own backyard. Don’t forget to explore the lighting options to enhance any water feature you install.

If you are considering creating an outdoor living space, talk with one of our landscaped design specialist at DiSabatino Landscaping. We can quickly and expertly install a customized outdoor living area  that will enhance your life for years to come.





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Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Your Home

As more and more homes are incorporating outdoor living areas into their homes, outdoor lighting has become more sophisticated. It has also become in high demand to extend the usability of the outdoor space. After all, who wants to have an outdoor party with guests awkwardly navigating dark pathways?

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Why is Outdoor Landscape Lighting Necessary?

For one, it is a safety issue. One cannot have elder familymembers or friends take a nasty spill because they could see where they weregoing. Lighted pathways help guide visitors and family members to where theaction is.

Another reason for landscape lighting is to provide security. Well-lit properties deter criminal activity. It also will keep unwanted wildlife from going to town on your vegetation.

Finally, outdoor lighting adds curb appeal. It also gives your family an outdoor area that they can enjoy any time of the day.

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What are My Outdoor Lighting Options?

As technology progresses, so do the various outdoor landscape lighting fixtures and features available. Many of which have become very affordable to homeowners nationwide. In fact, with so many options, it can be overwhelming when designing an outdoor lighting plan.

Pathway Lighting:While there are still the traditional options of pathway lighting, there are anumber of ways that lighting engineers are using traditional fixtures in anovel way. Check out this article by YLighting on ‘PathLighting Ideas’.

7 Great Ideas for Creating an Outdoor Living Space

LED Technology:LED lighting is perfect for outdoor lighting as it allows you to adjust yourCCT (correlated color temperature). That way you can create the ambient lightingfor one area, while creating brighter lighting for safety or security reasons. Theoutdoor spaces where you want to entertain could be a warmer temperature formore intimate feel, while those areas you want to light up for security reasonscould be set at a cooler temperature.

Discreet Fixtures:With LED lighting technology there has come some innovative ways to light thelandscape and your home’s exterior. Now that the light does the work, thefixtures are smaller and no longer the focal point. This allows for a varietyof effects; up lighting, silhouetting, shadowing, moonlighting, grazing,washing and path lighting.

Color ChangingLights: These are becoming popular, as color changing lights caste a fullspectrum of hues. They are great for adding an accent for showcase trees orstructures.

Smart Technology:Homeowners can control their outdoor lighting from anywhere there is Internet.Landscape lighting experts are capable of designing lighting plans. They canestablish zones of lighting so that you can turn on, off and dim certainsections of your lighting from anywhere.

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Outdoor Lighting Ideas

String Lighting:These are an easy and affordable way to add light and ambiance to your outdoorliving area. Many homeowners switch up their string lights to reflect the timeof year or most current holiday.

Lanterns:Lanterns are easy source for outdoor lighting and are very  mobile, allowing you to change up theambiance depending on the needs and mood of your event.

LED Strip Lighting:Strip lighting along the base of stairs or furniture is a simple way to lightup areas to keep safety front and center. It is a more modern look thantradition outdoor lighting solutions.

Up lighting:Lighting tree bases, sculptures, shrubbery and focal pieces is an effective wayto make your outdoor lighting more dramatic and cozy.

Orbs and Spheres: Hanging single or a series of roundfixtures will create an ethereal look, adding the ambient effect many arelooking to achieve.

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