Beautiful Sunrooms

Why Sunrooms May Be Your Most Versatile Space

Time spent on a front porch or patio is always enjoyable, but time spent in a sunroom may be even nicer. Why? Because they can be used year-round, regardless of the weather.

A sunroom retreat offers protection from the elements, pesky bugs and glaring sun. It’s one of the nicest ways to enjoy your coffee in the morning or unwind with a cocktail in the evening. And it can also exponentially increase the value of your home.

Your sunroom can be used in a number of ways:


The most popular way to use your new sunroom is a place to host guests. From a large dining table to conversation chair seating, sunrooms add extra space that open to the outdoors. Extend your entertaining with a sunroom that helps bridge the gap between your home and backyard.

Home Office

Working from home? As more than 35% of active job holders work remotely, extra space has become a priority. A sunroom allows you to have the privacy of your own home office while affording the best views of your home. Most sunrooms also offer sound proofing, so you don’t have to worry about your family or pets being overheard on business calls.  


If you have young kids, you know that toys end up everywhere. A sunroom is a great spot to corral games and playthings. And since it’s one of the sunniest areas of your house, kids will naturally gravitate to playing in a bright space when the weather isn’t ideal for being outside.

all season sunrooms


Take advantage of the light coming through sunroom windows to get the perfect amount of sun for your plants. Even on cloudy days, a sunroom will be one the brightest spots in your home. Get the garden you’ve always wanted and the climate you’ve always needed by taking advantage of your all-season sunroom.


Do you enjoy reading, writing, crafting or knitting? A sunroom offers you an area to indulge your hobbies without being disturbed by other members of your home. It can also give you an extra landing area for storing supplies. Enjoy your hobbies uninterrupted in your own space.

Sleeping Area

Outdoor porches and screened-in decks were often used for extra sleeping areas in the summer, especially in the South. When you have guests visiting, you can use your sunroom as an extra bedroom. Pull-out couches or settees are great ways to host visiting family members for long weekends or holidays.

These are just a few options for utilizing your sunroom. Get started with DiSabatino Landscaping today to begin enjoying your space all year round!