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Welcome Summer with a Custom Pool

After this long brutal winter, don’t you deserve to make the most of your summer? Enjoy every moment without ever leaving your own backyard. If you start planning now, you will soon be enjoying every sunny day with a custom pool retreat.

Endless Possibilities

The beauty of a custom pool is that it’s built to fulfill your needs. Whether you want to relax with a small, private hideaway or entertain friends and family with an elaborate backyard resort, a pool designer can match your wishes. Countless options and customized features ensure your pool will reflect your personality and enhance the beauty of your home.

Building Within a Budget

Consider how much you’re willing to spend. Professional pool companies are well equipped to work within a budget, ensuring your needs are met without breaking the bank. Most pool designers will suggest variations to allow for phasing, creating a multi-layered plan that makes room for potential features. This allows you to enjoy your pool now and add enhancements in the future.

Custom Pool Retreat - DiSabatino Landscaping Entertain in Style

How will you be using your custom pool? If you like throwing large bashes, you might think about adding a swim up bar with a grotto or waterfall. If you want a place to relax and unwind after a long week of work, you may want to install a hot tub. Your pool professional will work with you and your family to create an outdoor environment that accommodates your vision and lifestyle.

Highlight Your Home

The best pools are incorporated into the existing landscape. Features such as stone walkways, pergolas or decorative garden borders will enhance your pool’s setting. The right pool professional will design your custom pool so that it fits seamlessly into your backyard. Additional features such as outdoor kitchens, fireplaces and artistic lighting can be added to enhance your space.

Make the Right Choice

The first and most important decision when building a pool is picking the right firm. Use a pool expert with extensive experience building custom pools. Review their portfolio of projects. A montage of past work will give you an idea of their strengths and also spark ideas for you and your own backyard. The right firm will schedule an initial consultation, evaluate your landscape, and come up with a custom design that incorporates your vision and exceeds your expectations. They will also be able to back their work with a strong warranty.

Trust Delaware Valley’s premier pool and landscape design firm, DiSabatino Landscaping. DiSabatino has been blending artistic vision and superior craftsmanship for more than 20 years. To schedule an initial consultation, call (610) 361-0595 in PA or (302) 764-0408 in DE. You can also view their custom pool portfolio online at

8 Great Additional Features to Upgrade an Outdoor Pool

8 Great Additional Features to Upgrade an Outdoor Pool

Create a perfect staycation in you outdoor living space by adding a custom outdoor swimming pool. Outdoor pools are a great way to keep entertaining simple and fun. Whether you opt for a custom gunite pool, fiberglass pool or vinyl liner pool, there are many great features to add for further enjoyment.

DiSabatino Landscaping specializes in adding beautiful custom pools and we like to share the many pool upgrade options available for inground pool designs. Once you get a feel for the custom features you’d like, compare the costs of each feature to their budget and prioritize the ones you really want.

8 Great Additional Features to Upgrade an Outdoor Pool:

1) Hot tub: Hot tubs or spillover spas that are raised above the pool level are therapeutic and a great additon to custom swimming pools.

2) Pool Bar: Make adult entertaining super imbibing cocktails while relaxing in a pool, a swim up pool bar might be a nice feature to add to your pool.

3) Waterfall: Built with Real or Faux Boulders, cascading waterfalls add a naturalistic element to custom swimming pools and one of the most popular water features around. These too are great aerators to keep water temperatures cooler.

4) Grotto: A cave or grotto is a great way to find protection from the glaring sun or the crowd. A peaceful meditation spot is  a very popular water feature in custom pool designs.

5) Fountain: A cascading water fountain adds a peaceful ambience to custom swimming pools that are not only therapeutic but a great aerators that will keep the water cool.

6) Rain Curtain: Young and old alike enjoy the cooling curtains of water falling into the pool from a pergola roof or some other overhang.

7) Pool House: Want to keep everyone comfortable and close to all the amenities? Consider a pool house with changing and bathroom, refrigerator full of everyone’s favorite beverages and maybe even a comfortable sitting area to shelter from inclement weather.

8) Pool Slide: A custom pool slide will make your home the most popular in the neighborhood, adding life to any special occasion or just for a regular day of relaxation. There are a wide variety of custom designed pool slides available with different sized flumes.





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Why Gunite Pools Are the Best Choice to Upgrade Your Outdoor Living Space

Gunite Pools Are the Best Choice for an In-ground Pool Installation

Gunite pools add value for a lifetime within any home for those thinking of installing an inground pool to their outdoor living area, . The superb look and design versatility will be a lasting upgrade to your property.

Gunite pools are extremely durable, stand up to all types of climate and can be style in a variety of free flowing shapes tailored to the landscape’s configuration. This gives a full spectrum of options for a pool design. A gunite pool can be installed anywhere, no matter the terrain.

Gunite is Versatile

A gunite pool can have full curves, square angled corners or a combination of both. A pool can begin at beach entry level and graduate to any depth desired when made with gunite. Most commercial and many residential pools are gunite. This is because gunite pools are built to last.

What is a Gunite Pool?

Gunite is a concrete blend of cement, sand and water that applied through a high-pressure hose to a structure fabricated of rebar. Once dry, gunite becomes a rock hard solid structure with a thickness that adds a tensile strength a fiberglass or vinyl liner pool will never come close to matching.

Adding Style to Match Your Taste

Once the gunite cures, a plaster application made from cement and marble becomes the final waterproof coating. Some opt for a colored quartz aggregate added to the plaster in order to increase durability and aesthetics.

Create contrast – add a pebbled or tiled finish to create a high-end look. Waterfalls, custom stairs, adjoining hot tub or spa added to the gunite pool design can meet the desired look.

Why Gunite?

A gunite pool adds the most value and durability when it comes to in-ground pools. The gunite shell handles all types of conditions due to its ability to contract and expand. No matter the soil changes that occur from season or climate, such as freezing and thawing, a gunite pool is best suited to endure.

The resilience and versatility of a gunite pool makes for a custom pool with free flowing shapes tailored to your backyard a reality.  Whether you are looking to incorporate a trickling spillway, rock waterfall, fountain shelf or elevated spa, a gunite pool makes it easy.





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