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How to Design the Ultimate Pool House

A luxury pool house is a smart solution for adding value, style and comfort to your outdoor living space. The ideal pool home should be close enough to the action, yet far enough away to offer guests privacy to change or relax.

In the past, a pool house was a simple structure with a changing area and maybe a small shower stall. Today’s pool house designs offer so much more. They can be custom built to any size, style or functionality.

Outdoor pool house

A Place to Entertain

Modern pool houses can be designed with kitchens, bars, seating and entertaining areas. They often feature large fireplaces to host visitors throughout the year. Because the pool is often the center of attraction, a pool house naturally extends outdoor entertaining for guests.

Ultimate Pool House with Kitchen

Additional Rooms

Modern pool houses tend to be more luxurious and livable. They can be made into a yoga room, home office, guest house or summer kitchen. You can build it to match the style of your home or create something completely new. It’s easy to design a pool house to meet your needs now and adapt that concept over time as your family’s lifestyle evolves.

A Wealth of Add-Ons

Want to keep out bugs? Consider retractable screens. Like to dine al fresco? An attached pavilion offers shade and a designated eating area. If you love music, a state-of-the-art sound system will offer a lively space away from the main house. Ambient lighting, firepits, fireplaces and water features are just some of the ways to customize your pool house design to your style.  

Pool House Remodel

Why You Need a Pool House 

The Surprisingly Versatile Ways to Use One  

Custom pool houses have become increasingly popular additions to backyard retreats over the past few years. Designed to accent large or small water features, pool houses can be tailored to fit the style, size and scope of every homeowner’s project.

Pool homes aren’t just places to lounge around. They help extend our Northeast area’s outdoor entertaining season with extra space you can use year-round.

The following ideas are ways you can customize your new pool house:

  1. Outdoor Kitchen and Eating Area – a pool house lets you add a protected outdoor cooking and dining area. You can use it regardless of the weather, and it can act as a backup kitchen when prepping for big parties.
  2. Spa Retreat – build a relaxing oasis next to the soothing sounds of water. Adding daybeds, an outdoor fireplace and low lighting will take your pool house to zen in no time flat.
  3. Guest House – if you frequently have out-of-town guests and family visiting, a guest house would be an ideal way to add an extra bedroom. A guest area offers privacy, relaxation and independence for both you and your visitors.
  4. Game Area – does your family like playing billiards, ping pong or arcade games? If you’re a competitive crew, an outdoor game space would make a great addition of an epic entertainment center!
  5. Art and Writing Studio – if you’re looking for a spot to get inspired, what’s more creative than a pool home? Let your imagination run wild with an area all your own. Natural lighting, water inspiration and the privacy of your own backyard will both stimulate and encourage the creative process.
Pool House
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Why Gunite Pools Are the Best Choice to Upgrade Your Outdoor Living Space

Gunite Pools Are the Best Choice for an In-ground Pool Installation

Gunite pools add value for a lifetime within any home for those thinking of installing an inground pool to their outdoor living area, . The superb look and design versatility will be a lasting upgrade to your property.

Gunite pools are extremely durable, stand up to all types of climate and can be style in a variety of free flowing shapes tailored to the landscape’s configuration. This gives a full spectrum of options for a pool design. A gunite pool can be installed anywhere, no matter the terrain.

Gunite is Versatile

A gunite pool can have full curves, square angled corners or a combination of both. A pool can begin at beach entry level and graduate to any depth desired when made with gunite. Most commercial and many residential pools are gunite. This is because gunite pools are built to last.

What is a Gunite Pool?

Gunite is a concrete blend of cement, sand and water that applied through a high-pressure hose to a structure fabricated of rebar. Once dry, gunite becomes a rock hard solid structure with a thickness that adds a tensile strength a fiberglass or vinyl liner pool will never come close to matching.

Adding Style to Match Your Taste

Once the gunite cures, a plaster application made from cement and marble becomes the final waterproof coating. Some opt for a colored quartz aggregate added to the plaster in order to increase durability and aesthetics.

Create contrast – add a pebbled or tiled finish to create a high-end look. Waterfalls, custom stairs, adjoining hot tub or spa added to the gunite pool design can meet the desired look.

Why Gunite?

A gunite pool adds the most value and durability when it comes to in-ground pools. The gunite shell handles all types of conditions due to its ability to contract and expand. No matter the soil changes that occur from season or climate, such as freezing and thawing, a gunite pool is best suited to endure.

The resilience and versatility of a gunite pool makes for a custom pool with free flowing shapes tailored to your backyard a reality.  Whether you are looking to incorporate a trickling spillway, rock waterfall, fountain shelf or elevated spa, a gunite pool makes it easy.





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12 Great Features to Consider Adding to Custom Outdoor Swimming Pools

Custom outdoor swimming pools are a terrific way to have staycations throughout the spring and summer, sometimes into the fall months. Whether our clients opt for custom gunite pools, fiberglass pools or vinyl liner pools, they always ask us what added features are best.

While the answer to this question will vary depending on a client’s preferences and needs, we find that laying out all the options help focus on inground pool designs to reflect their vision. Once they get a feel for the custom features that they want, they will need to compare the costs of such features to their budget and prioritize the ones they really want.

With the summer in full swing, parents are facing unique challenges this year. We thought sharing a few features of our inground pool designs that can help keep your kids at home safe, healthy and more importantly, happy!

12 Features to Consider With Your Custom Swimming Pool Installation:

1) Pool Slide: A custom pool slide can add a little life to any inground swimming pool and make your custom pool the envy of the neighborhood. There are a wide variety of custom designed pool slides available with different sized flumes that will reflect your style and wishes.

2) Diving Board or Diving Rock: Diving boards can serve as an enjoyable recreational feature to your custom swimming pool provided your pool design is deep enough. If you have energetic pool goers that would enjoy doing somersaults and backflips, this might be a feature you should add to your pool.

3) Hot tub: Hot tubs or spillover spas that are raised above the pool level serves a duel purpose; that of being therapeutic and an added water feature to custom swimming pools.

4) Grotto: Adding a cave or grotto as a place to retreat from the glaring sun or the crowd to peacefully meditate is becoming a very popular water feature in many custom pool designs.

5) Pool Bar: If you’re planning on entertaining an adult audience that appreciate imbibing cocktails while relaxing in a pool, a swim up pool bar might be a nice feature to add to your pool.

6) Fountain: A cascading water fountain adds a peaceful ambience to custom swimming pools that are not only therapeutic but a great aerators that will keep the water cool.

7) Waterfall: Built with Real or Faux Boulders, cascading waterfalls add a naturalistic element to custom swimming pools and one of the most popular water features around. These too are great aerators to keep water temperatures cooler.

8) Rain Curtain: Young and old alike enjoy the cooling curtains of water falling into the pool from a pergola roof or some other overhang.

9) Bubblers: Small jets set in the floor of a shallow end of a custom swimming pool shoot streams of water that gurgle or bubble up to the surface.

10) Deck Jets: Thin arching streams of water shooting from the pool decking into the pool can be illuminated with color changing LED lights to make any night swim a fun event.

11) Mist Curtains: Having a  fog or misting system around the pool can greatly reduce the air temperature making for a much more comfortable pool side nap.

12) Pool House: Want to keep everyone comfortable and close to all the amenities? Consider a pool house with changing and bathroom, refrigerator full of everyone’s favorite beverages and maybe even a comfortable sitting area to shelter from inclement weather.

Make summer at home this year full of fond memories of how your family chose to focus on what really matters in life, quality time with those you love in your very own custom swimming pool.





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