Custom Basement Renovations - Bar Area

How to Add Extra Space to Your Home

Creative Ways to Transform Your Lower-Level

As colder weather arrives, you might be looking for ways to enjoy your home indoors. One of the quickest and easiest way to gain additional footage is with a basement renovation. They don’t require heavy construction or framing, and they can be tailored to accommodate the needs of every homeowner.

The following ideas offer original ideas to revitalize your home. As with any renovation project, make sure you work with a professional firm with the proper insurance and licensing, and be sure all permits are approved beforehand. Basements should also be inspected for any water or mold issues before installing drywall and electrical elements.

Extra Bedroom

Guests will enjoy having a separate space away from their hosts. Create a separate bedroom and bathroom for friends and family to stay the night. It will come in handy during the holiday season and for children’s sleepovers. An extra sleeping area usually requires a window, so you may have to install an egress depending on the township you live in.

Music Studio

Need a place to play your guitar without waking up the family? Want to start a rock band? A basement music studio is the ideal place to fill your rock fantasies. Install soundproofing walls, add a few speakers, and plug in an amp and microphone. The studio can be as amateur or professional as you want it to be.

Home Gym

The pandemic created a major shift in home workout systems. They have become more streamlined, affordable, and practical for personal use. The size of your home gym can be as large or as small as you’d like. You can even include add-ons such as showers, saunas, or steam rooms.

Custom Basement Renovations - Bar Area

Sports Bar

The Philadelphia area is known for its fan base. From the Eagles to the Phillies and the Flyers, display sports memorabilia and cheer on your home team with your own bar area. The newest designs can be as sophisticated as you’d like them to be. The options are endless, from adding a butler’s pantry or a wine cellar to a built-in fireplace.

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