Custom Stonework for outdoor space

How to Choose the Right Kind of Stone for Your Next Hardscaping Project

What to Know Before You Begin

Custom masonry creates an inviting area to entertain guests and increases the value of your home. While plants and trees are key landscape components, hardscape elevates the overall look and feel of an outdoor living space.

From elegant stone terraces and seating areas to waterfalls and artistically placed boulders, hardscaping is an ideal choice for almost any landscape.

What kind of stone is best for your home? We explain the pros and cons of each:


A distinct type of sandstone known for its bluish-gray color, bluestone is a very popular option for patios and pavers. It’s one of the most popular choices at DiSabatino Landscaping. You can use bluestone in privacy walls, outdoor kitchens, outdoor steps, or outdoor spaces. It’s an extremely versatile material that withstands the elements. 


A sedimentary rock, sandstone is often used in paving projects. It can be easily broken into smaller stone slabs. Sandstone rock walls or accent rock boulders are popular options. Many homeowners use sandstone as accent rocks around landscaping beds. Fun fact: it’s the official state rock of Nevada.


These stones were given their name because they were often used to build walls along farms and field property lines. Instead of being mined in quarries, they’re often found in open spaces. They are often rounded and come in a wide variety of colors and sizes. Fieldstone works well as free-standing walls and raised garden beds. 

Custom Stonework


Slate isn’t just used for roofing projects. Because it can easily be cut into smaller pieces, it’s well-suited to paving projects. Slate tiles create a more formal and elegant look for your patio. Because it’s water resistant, slate is compatible near water features such as pools, hot tubs, and waterfalls.


Made of different types of rock, flagstone can be used in a variety of areas. It’s frequently cut thin and used for walkways and paths. The material can stand up to rain and snow well, making it a popular option for steps, wall coping, and stair treads. It can be irregularly shaped or cut into custom shapes and sizes.   

Custom Stone Firepit

Today’s master stonemasons are creating custom designs that highlight your house while showcasing your property. Right now is the ideal time to begin planning a home project. Visit DiSabatino Landscaping’s portfolio of hardscaping projects to learn more.