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How to Add Privacy to Your Home

Tips for Creating Private Retreats in Your Backyard

If you live close to your neighbors or cherish your time alone, there are a number of ways to create a secluded backyard. Custom landscaping and hardscaping features offer protection from the elements and other parties.

Consider the following ideas for ways to add privacy to your home:

A Line of Trees

Custom Hardscaping

Arborvitae trees can grow up to five feet a year. They thrive in our Mid Atlantic climate and tolerate both full and partial sunlight. A mature arborvitae can grow anywhere from 40 to 60 feet tall. Arborvitae trees are very popular options and are often used to line the borders of residential properties.


Stone walls, capstones or gates offer both elegance and privacy. They can also be customized to the style of your home. Colors and sizes of natural stone are endless, from smaller rocks to large boulders. Upgrade your property with natural stone. Its beauty is timeless and enduring.

Privet Wall

A broadleaf shrub, privet is often found planted in rows and then cut like a hedge wall. It does well in well-drained soil and can grow four to ten feet wide. Privet comes in evergreen, deciduous and golden colors. Privet is widespread in our area because it maintains its color for most of the year.

Custom Pergola

Custom Pergola

Feel like you’re in Italy with a leaf-covered pergola or pavilion. They offer shade from the sun and protection from the elements. Consider growing wisteria along the slats of the top for bursts of color. You can add soft lighting or outdoor lamps. Any climbing plant will do well with the support of a custom pergola.

Privacy Screens

Available in wood, metal or PVC, privacy screens do exactly what they’re called. They can be tailored to any style or color you desire. The screens can also be adapted to bring in more or less light, depending on your needs. They adaptability and ease of use makes them a popular addition to many homes. 

Custom Built Firepit

Redefine the Outdoors

With Custom Stone Hardscaping

Does your backyard look dull and uninspired? Then it may be time to rethink your hardscaping.

Today’s master stonemasons are creating custom designs that highlight your house while showcasing your property. And right now is the ideal time to begin planning a home project.

There are a number of reasons to incorporate stone into your landscape:

An Elevated Backyard

Custom masonry creates an inviting area to entertain guests while increasing the value of your home. While plants and trees are key landscape components, hardscape elevates the overall look and feel of an outdoor living space. From elegant stone terraces and seating areas to waterfalls and artistically placed boulders, hardscaping is an ideal choice for almost any landscape.

Extra Entertaining Space

Outdoor rooms have enjoyed a big surge in popularity. Their ability to extend entertaining and outdoor living has increasingly made them more appealing to homeowners. These rooms may include kitchens, bars, outdoor seating, or entertaining areas. Whether you are looking for sleek and contemporary or warm and rustic, natural stone can be adapted for any outdoor room.

External Pool Lighting

A Wide Variety of Colors and Styles

DiSabatino Landscaping recently renovated their outdoor pavilion to showcase the vast range of materials they offer. The new outdoor show pavilion displays a variety of stone finishes, colors, and sizes for clients to see in person. It helps narrow down design choices and compare different styles. 

Outdoor Lighting Features

LED Lighting

Showcase your new stone patio with an exterior lighting system. The practical advantages of outdoor lighting are tremendous, including visibility, safety and security. Experienced designers design outdoor lighting that highlights your landscape in an artistic way, highlighting your property’s best features at nighttime and offering a lighted entranceway for guests.

Professional Design and Installation

A full-service firm will not only create the perfect design, but also ensure its continued beauty and durability. Esposito Masonry has been creating custom stone projects for decades. Led by third-generation stonemason Vinny Esposito, they offer strength, beauty, and longevity to elevate your home for years to come.

Hardscaping Natural Stone Variety - DiSabatino

The Beauty of Natural Stone

How to Create a Hardscaping Project with Timeless Appeal

An outdoor living space that incorporated natural stone is one that will stand the test of time. Today’s stonemasons and design experts know just how to showcase stone, allowing it to shine as a central part of your landscape that’s both stylish, versatile and functional.

Add natural stone around a pool or outdoor kitchen to give it an elegant look and feel. Flagstone, pavers and river rock are just a few examples of natural stone that will stand the test of time and pair well with other materials, including wood, brick and decorative concrete.

There are a number of ways to incorporate natural stone into your landscape:

Outdoor Living Spaces

Many custom outdoor kitchens and bars utilize natural stone in their design. Natural stone fireplaces or fire pits create a cozy ambiance, while enhancing your outdoor living all year round. Fountains, waterfalls and other water features add peace and serenity.

Outdoor Living Space with Natural Stone - DiSabatino

Little Details, Big Impact

Your masonry project does not have to be extravagant to make a big impression. Small details can make a huge difference in the enjoyment of your outdoor living space. Stone steps and walkways provide visually pleasing focal points while increasing safety for family and friends. Versatile and adaptable, natural stone can accent any feature of your outdoor living space.

An Array of Options

Natural stone is the ultimate building material – stylish, enduring and versatile.

It is available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colors and can be used in a variety of applications. This inherent versatility means natural stone can easily transition from primary building material to accent features. No matter what style you choose, natural stone will seamlessly blend with any existing features or building materials.

Dreamy outdoor living space

Professional Technique

Today’s stonemasons combine old-world techniques with cutting-edge technology. “Masonry is one of the oldest professions,” says Vinny Esposito, founder of Esposito Masonry, “So we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. “

Before choosing a firm, ask to see their portfolio of projects and professional credentials. A company with extensive experience will bring your ideas to life while keeping your project on time and budget.

Esposito Masonry is one of the most respected masonry firms in the Brandywine Valley. For a portfolio of their work, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hardscaping

How to Choose the Right Materials for Your Next Project

Before beginning an outdoor remodeling project, it helps to know which materials are most frequently recommended by landscape professionals. Many homeowners can become overwhelmed by the magnitude of choices, styles and colors.

While each project is unique and based on personal taste, there are some materials that we recommend over others. Here are a few of our favorites at DiSabatino:

What’s the best stone to use to surround custom pools?

River Jack stone is a great choice on pool projects. The stone helps with water runoff and drainage, keeping the poolside dry. This roundish stone comes in earth tones of gray, brown, blue and red. They vary in size from 1 to 3 inches.

River Jack is also a great resource for waterscapes and stepping stone walkways. You see them often at beach properties.

riverstone near pool area - DiSabatino Landscaping

What’s the best stone to use when building a patio?

Flagstone patios are highly durable, readily available and easy to work with. Because it’s so popular with landscape designers, it’s found at nearly every store selling stone and comes in a large variety of colors. Its textured ridges mean it’s not slippery when wet and keeps water from pooling. You can also lay it directly over dirt.

Patio with stone fireplace - DiSabatino Landscaping
Photography for Chris Sabatino July 23 2014

What’s the best stone to use for walls?

The majority of home landscape designers prefer to use sandstone, limestone or fieldstone when building retaining walls. A well-built natural stone wall will stand the test of time and continue looking beautiful for decades to come. In our area of the Brandywine Valley, limestone was frequently used by early settlers, whose homes are still standing today.

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