How to Tell When You Need to Renovate Your Outdoor Space

There are several stages in homeownership where a family may decide they need to repair or replace their outdoor living area.

Outdoor renovations in progress

New owners might discover cracks or structural issues during their home inspection. A growing family may require additional spaces to live and play. Long-term residents might decide they want to downsize and evaluate the curb appeal of their home before putting it on the market.

An existing deck, patio or pergola may also offer signs that they need to be replaced. These concerns need to be addressed before they get any worse.

Here are the top signs you need to consult with a professional landscaping firm:

Visible Cracks & Wear

Concrete patios will eventually begin to crack over time. Wooden decks will also start to warp and rot after ten years. If you begin to see large spots of crumbling patio or deck boards, it may be time to renovate your outdoor space. Sometimes small spot repairs will help keep a space from deteriorating any further.

Poor Drainage

Bad Water Runoff

Experienced landscaping pros know how to address water runoff, ensuring you don’t have standing pools of water near your home. If you start to notice puddles of water on the floor of your patio or deck, you may need to contact a professional. Water damage can cause mold and rot in your foundation.

Rusty Railings

Most patio metal is specially tempered to last for years outdoors. If your railings or other metal areas are beginning to rust, it may be time for a new deck. Rusty parts are a safety concern and should be addressed as soon as possible.

Outdated Style

Is your backyard space stuck in a different era? Even outdoor landscaping designs evolve over time. You might just need to update your current yard with new lighting, a sound system or accents. Even small changes can make a big impact.