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Custom Basement Renovations - Bar Area (Chahalis)

Basement Renovations Trends

Creative Uses to Transform Your Lower Level

Basement remodeling projects are one of the quickest and easiest way to gain additional footage in your home. They don’t require extensive construction or framing, and they can be designed to accommodate nearly any homeowner’s needs.

The following ideas offer more original ways to revitalize your home. As with any home renovation project, make sure you work with a professional firm with the proper insurance and licensing, and be sure all permits are approved beforehand. Basements should also be inspected for any water or mold issues before installing drywall and electrical elements.

Custom Basement Renovations - Bar Area

Music Studio

Need a place to play your guitar without waking up the family? Want to start a rock band? A basement music studio is the ideal place to fill your rock fantasies. Install soundproofing walls, add a few speakers and plug in an amp and microphone. The studio can be as amateur or professional as you want it to be.

Extra Bedroom

Guests will enjoy having a separate space away from their hosts. Create a separate bedroom and bathroom for friends and family to stay the night. It will come in handy during the holiday season and for kid sleepovers. An extra sleeping area usually requires a window, so you may have to install an egress depending on the township you live in.

Home Gym

The pandemic created a major shift in home workout systems. They have become more streamlined, affordable and practical for personal use. The size of your home gym can be as large or as small as you’d like. It can even include add-ons such as saunas or steam rooms.

Sports Bar

The Philadelphia area is known for its fan base. From the Eagles to the Phillies and the Flyers, display sports memorabilia and cheer on your home team with your own bar area. The newest designs can be as sophisticated as you’d like them to be. The options are endless, from adding a butler’s pantry or a wine cellar to a built-in fireplace.

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Home Renovations

Top 5 Home Renovation Trends for 2023

How to Maximize Your Home’s Potential

As homeowners needs continue to evolve, renovation and remodeling specialists predict a few trends to continue and others to drop in popularity.

What projects give you the most return on your time and money? Here’s what designers are expecting in the new year.

Work From Home

The pandemic already changed the way people report to work, creating a high demand for home offices. As more people work from home, a dedicated space for work is extremely desirable. If you can’t commit to an entire room, homes will benefit from carving out an area that’s quieter and more isolated from the main living areas of the home.

Multi-Generational Living

Looking for a way to retain their independence while getting the care they need, many senior family members are moving in with their adult children. Home renovation companies have seen a surge in separate in-law additions that benefit both generations. Grandparents help with childcare and household expenses, while living independently with their family members.

Outdoor Living Spaces

The surge in popularity for outdoor kitchens and bars shows no signs of dropping. Open air entertaining areas offer flexibility, additional hosting spaces and enjoyment of your home year-round. Make the most of the outdoors with a custom living space for your whole family to enjoy.  

Outdoor living space

Kitchen Additions

Large kitchens with plenty of island seating remain at the top of homeowner wish lists. If you’re looking to expand your home with an open concept kitchen, DiSabatino’s design team can show you how. An updated kitchen not only increases your enjoyment; it enhances the value of your home.

Sustainable Design

Eco-friendly, organic and natural elements are increasingly in demand. Major furniture and home decorating companies such as Pottery Barn, West Elm and Williams Sonoma have even designated areas of their offerings to sustainable product lines. As more people search for ways to help the environment when buying new furniture, this trend will only continue to grow.

If you’re interested in updating your home in 2023, give DiSabatino Landscaping a call. Our interior remodeling and renovation team has an extensive portfolio of home renovation projects.

Custom Basement Renovations - Bar Area

Thinking of Remodeling?

What to Know Before You Begin

Home improvement shows “Fixer Upper” and “Flip or Flop” have never been more popular, as homeowners are increasingly deciding to renovate existing rooms rather than buying new properties.

A remodeling project can update and enhance living space without requiring a major move to another new area. The Brandywine Valley region has many homes with ideal locations that were built years ago and are in need of improvements to bring them up to today’s style.

Before you undertake a full home renovation, there are a few steps that will help make the process as seamless as possible:

Spend Time in Your Home

It takes time to realize what you love and what you’d like to change about your home. When you first move in, there’s a long list of items you need to check off. Wait to unpack and see how your house flows once it’s filled with furniture. After settling in for a few months, you can evaluate closet space, bedroom layouts and kitchen and bath updates, then come up with a design wish list.

Custom Basement Renovations - Bar Area (Chahalis)
Sunroom in a house – furnished home

Set a Realistic Timeline

Home renovation projects don’t always run smoothly. Supply chain delays, outdated electrical, and construction surprises can always happen. Don’t plan an important event around the completion of a project. Make sure you build in delays to the construction timeline and are upfront with your contractor about when you’re hoping the project is completed.

Do Your Research

An experienced contractor will explain the design and installation process to you so you’re aware of the scope of the project. Ask plenty of questions to ensure you understand what a home renovation project will entail. Kitchen renovations can leave you without a working oven or sink for days. Most countertop installers need all cabinets and appliances in place before booking an appointment. Basement renovations frequently need permit approval from the township’s code inspector.  Make sure you understand work complications before the project begins.

Custom Basement Renovations - wine cooler inset Bar Area (Chahalis)

Hire Top Quality Professionals

Contact your local interior remodeling professional, DiSabatino Landscaping. Get an estimates and review the design they provide careful. It’s worth paying more money for better work than paying for a shoddy job you’ll need someone to fix down the road. Like DiSabatino Landscaping, make sure to check the firm you’re hiring is fully insured.

Home renovations projects enhance the value, style and enjoyment of your home. Taking the time to do your research now will prevent headaches, delays and costly mistakes so you can begin enjoying your newly remodeled home as soon as possible.

How to Prep Your Home for a Remodeling Project

Top Tips to Make the Process Smoother

Before beginning a large home renovation and remodeling project, there are a few things you can do to streamline the project for your family and the people working on your home.  

DiSabatino’s landscape and design professionals put together the following tips to prep your property:

Clear Out Your Yard

You don’t need to move anything bulky or heavy, but putting away unnecessary clutter such as children’s toys, bikes or unnecessary items will help the installation crew get started quicker. If you know there are some things in your backyard that you won’t use after the project is completed, now is the time to sell or donate them.

Yard Cleanup - DiSabatino

Evaluate Any Safety Issues

Children and pets are less likely to realize the dangers of home renovations. For instance, if an existing deck is being demo’d, there may be a large drop off from your sliding door. Install gates, make sure doors are deadbolted, and place safety cones to keep visitors, young children and furry companions safe from construction areas.

Assign a Work Staging Area

Landscaping and construction materials can be heavy, large and cumbersome. Designate a drop off and storage area ahead of delivery to ensure the project materials aren’t blocking the driveway or entrances. You also want to ensure the area is dry, so puddles don’t form around the piles of stone, brick or wood.

Entrance Cleanup - DiSabatino

Establish a Timeline

Are you planning on using your new patio or outdoor living space for an upcoming event? Make sure your landscape design firm is aware of any drop-dead dates before the project begins. There’s nothing worse than rescheduling a big event because the project took longer than expected.

Anticipate Delays

In line with the previous point, prepare for reasonable delays. Landscaping firms can’t control the weather, and some points of the project may need to be delayed to ensure the quality of work is maintained. Make sure you build in a week or so in any project timeline.

Following the tips above will help move your next remodeling or renovation project along, so you can begin enjoying your new outdoor space as soon as possible.

Custom Basement Renovations - Bar Area

Fall in Love With Our Custom Basement Renovations

Are you looking to add a new room to your home? If so, have you utilized the entire square footage of you home? Why pay for expensive additions when you could make the best use of space that already exists?

Many homeowners who determine they need more space to create entertainment centers, gyms, game rooms or a home office fail to consider their basements as a viable option. Most homeowners use their sizable basements for little more than a junk room or storage area.

Sure basements tend to be more damp and darker than other areas of the home. That should not deter you from considering customizing your basement to add value and livability to your home.

While basement renovations require some specific tactics to avoid mold and mildew from growing, if you work with an experienced professional design expert you could actually improve your home’s energy efficiency!

Unfinished basements are an energy drain because they lack the proper insulation and often siphon off the heat or air conditioning from the living areas of the home. Once properly renovated, a basement can help maintain moderate temperatures in your home by reducing leaks.

The fantastic acoustics of underground space makes a basement a great space for an entertainment center. Many homeowners choose to combine a number of options when committing to a basement renovation.

At DiSabatino Landscaping & Design, we have taken our outdoor design expertise indoors to expertly finish and utilize every inch of basement space in order to create inviting and unique custom basement renovations for our happy clientele.

Custom Basement Renovations - Game Room (Chahalis)2

Check out the beautiful brickwork, inventive ceiling with dark ceiling tiles with inset lighting and gorgeous wood flooring. Make note of the flow of space from the custom bar to the game room to the entertainment center.

Imagine how your guests will be at ease and duly impressed when you invite them over for happy hour, game night or to watch a sports event in your state-of-the-art theater room.  A fully customized basement renovation can make entertaining easy peasy!

Whether it is a home office, game room, entertainment center or home gym, we can create a comfortable living area where your family will love spending time!

Transform your unfinished or previously finished basement into a healthier, comfortable living area in no time!

Check out our finished basement pictures for great examples and basement remodeling ideas! And when you’re ready, contact us for a free basement finishing consultation and quote.

If you’re interested in talking with one our design experts regarding a custom basement renovation, call us at 302-764-0408 – email us at or fill out the form on our architectural design page.

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